A deserving appraisal for Abhilash Thapliyal


“It feels like I got 100 percent evaluation,” begins Abhilash Thapliyal, is happy that his character SK from the popular TVF show, Aspirants got his own show, SK Sir Ki Klaas. Although his character hasn’t changed much, the actor says the new show defines how he feels. “It feels amazing to have created a character that everyone loves and respects.”

SK’s knowledge, his unusually big punch, his dressing sense, and NEET, NDA, and UPSC aspirants alike, but the new YouTube show focuses on “journey, organization, and his guidance.” “I didn’t try to add any layers to the character. When we were shooting for Aspirants, we built and built this character well. I didn’t think we’d want to add any layers to it because it’s a spinoff,” says the actor, who didn’t realize the pressure would come with recasting the character. Thapliyal worked on his diction and SK’s phrasing to get back into character. “I was under no pressure from the day we started shooting. When I went to the set there were around 200 students waiting for me and on the first day 40 students were waiting outside my vanity van. I met three South Indian students who had come to prepare for their exams [after listening to] My one minute monologue. That’s when I realized that I needed to at least live up to their expectations, and [the show has to] Be equal to aspirants.”

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Thapalyal has been assured that Chahwaan will soon come back with another season, though talks on the matter are yet to begin. “You can’t leave such a beautiful world and stories. I also want to know SK’s journey ahead. A lot of people are inquiring about SK’s love life,” says the actor, who has just wrapped up. Ajay DevgnDa Maidan, Navdeep Singh’s directorial venture, and as yet untitled project for Amazon Prime Video.

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