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Image source: ANI Aftab Poonawalla is a ‘trained chef’, murdering Shraddha as she had threatened.

Shraddha murder case: A Delhi court today heard arguments against Aftab Poonawala, accused of allegedly strangling Shraddha Walker to death and dismembering her body. The court was informed on Tuesday that Shraddha Walker was found alive by a neighbor during a heated exchange on the evening of May 18 and Poonawala “wiped out” her bank balance soon after, Delhi Police said on Tuesday. told a city court.

Within a week, Poonawala had an affair with another woman

The court was also told that within a week of Walker’s murder Poonawalla had an affair with another woman and gifted his new girlfriend with a ring he had previously given to his live-in partner Walker, who He dismembered the body before disposing of it. In secluded places for several days.

Additional Sessions Judge Manisha Khurana was hearing arguments on the charges against Kakkar Poonawala. Police have charged Poonawalla with offenses under sections 302 (murder) and 201 (disappearance of evidence of crime) of the Indian Penal Code and a 6,629-page charge sheet in the case was filed in the magistrate’s court on January 24.

A neighbor saw him making out with Poonawala

Special public prosecutors (SPP) Amit Prasad and Madhukar Pandey appeared in court on behalf of the Delhi Police, while advocate Javed Hussain appeared as legal aid counsel for Poonawala. Detailing the chain of events that took place on the day of the alleged murder on May 18 last year, SPP Prasad said Walker had returned from Gurgaon to his residence in Chhatarpur around 2 pm and a neighbor found him at Poonawalla around 6.30 pm. Seen warming up with .

“Immediately thereafter at 6.40 pm and 6.42 pm, the entire amount (Rs 54,000) was withdrawn from Walker’s bank account and transferred to Poonawala’s account,” the SPP said. He claimed that at the same time, a call to Walker’s phone went unanswered, but Poonawala called the person back, indicating that the phone was in the possession of the accused.

Poonawalla bought items like handsaws along with three knives, a chopper and a trash bag.

He said that on May 18 itself, Poonawalla bought items like three knives, a chopper and a handsaw along with a trash bag, while a double-door refrigerator was bought the next day. After that, Poonawalla interacted with several people on Walker’s social media accounts “to create a facade that he is alive,” Prasad said, adding that after Poonawalla’s arrest, the jawbone, bones and hair were recovered at the request of the accused. were done

Poonawala was a “trained chef”.

Underlining that Poonawalla was a “trained chef” and knew how to cut and preserve meat, the SPP said he also ordered dry ice (to preserve Walker’s body) along with disinfectants, deodorizers and incense sticks. given He said Poonawala had entered into a relationship within a week of the alleged murder, and that the ring previously given to Walker had been gifted to his new girlfriend.

When the woman joined the investigation, two other witnesses identified the ring, he said.

Poonawala and Walker had a “sour relationship”.

The SPP said Poonawala and Walker had a “sour relationship” and that Walker had been physically abused. Referring to the charge sheet, he said that Walker had on November 23, 2020 expressed apprehension that he would be killed and dismembered by Poonawalla and the correct pattern would be adopted on May 18, 2022.

Prasad also said that the evidence showed that the couple was facing financial problems and that Eve had to think twice before spending money on regular expenses. The court said arguments on the charges have been heard and a short brief was filed by the prosecution.

Noting that the legal aid counsel had sought time to address the arguments, the court fixed March 20 for further proceedings in the matter. to the Court of Session.

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