Aaron Carter fiancée Melanie Martin raises questions about his death


Aaron Carter’s fiancee Melanie Martin is raising questions about his untimely death and final moments – just days after her mother doubled down on claims her son may have been murdered.

“There are many factors that are not involved that have been discussed with the police and the coroner [a] Simple overdose,” the child star’s fiance explained the sun.

“I want to know what really happened so I can focus on raising my son Prince without constantly losing sleep every night over what happened to his father.”

Carter was found dead in the bathtub of her California home on November 5.

The 34-year-old troubled singer’s official cause of death is yet to be known, but his body was reportedly Several cans of compressed air and bottles of prescription pills were discovered along with them There is no water in his lungs.

His fiancee and mother, Jane Carter, have spoken out to say the family believes he died of an overdose after a drug deal gone wrong.

Martin and other members of Carter’s family are pushing for an investigation into the child star’s untimely death.
Aaron Carter / Instagram

His mother recently “called for an inquest … because the coroner wrote it off as an accidental drug overdose,” though she claims the family believes it was a “possible homicide.” it can.

Martin has claimed this Carter’s phone had not been used in the 24 hours before he died and was later found in her car although she was “inseparable from her iPhone,” she told The Sun.

“I’ve never seen Aaron leave his phone unattended, especially from where he was found,” he said firmly.

Aaron Carter's bathtub
Carter was found dead in her bathtub on November 5 and drowning was initially suspected.
Jane Schneck/Facebook

Aaron Carter's bathroom
She hopes to find answers about Carter’s death so they can share with her son as he grows up.
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Aaron Carter's death scene
Martin said many things about Carter’s death “do not add up.”
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Martin also noted that his fiancee “rarely used the tub” and insists that he would “always close the door for privacy” although the bathroom was unlocked when her body was found.

He also pointed Their dog’s confused behavior.

“How long [Aaron] Supposedly she was there with our dog Zelda, it doesn’t add up that our dog didn’t use the restroom there,” she said. She also wonders “how Zelda, a trained service dog didn’t hurt anything while Aaron was there.”

Martin claims that details about her phone use, their dog's behavior and the days after Carter's death are suspicious.
Martin claims that details about her phone use, their dog’s behavior and the days after Carter’s death are suspicious.

“Nothing about the last days of his life fit into a common pattern,” he claimed.

She explained that she had become concerned about Carter’s behavior and asked the housekeeper to keep an eye on him and send updates. Martin then called Carter for a welfare check several days before his death. Due to which the police pulled him over and conducted a field sobriety test.

Martin explained that Carter was “okay to drive” but was considered “embarrassed” by the situation and the media attention. The couple then “decided to take a break from each other for a few days” as Martin temporarily took his son to stay at his mother’s house, despite growing concerns for Carter’s well-being.

Aaron Carter Mirror Selfie
Carter had made an appointment for outpatient rehab the day before her body was discovered.
Instagram / Aaron Carter

He admitted to being “very worried that Aaron would relapse again, as he had done several times in recent months.” Martin noted that Carer appears to be trying to stay on track and “signed up for outpatient rehab, and has an appointment scheduled for Friday, Nov. 4.”

However, his body was found the next day. It is unclear whether Carter attended his appointment.

“I sent several text messages to my housekeeper expressing concern for her well-being, with no response,” Martin claimed.

“No one informed me that Aaron left his house that evening to go to Wal-Mart despite what I said.”

Aaron Carter on the Red Carpet 2019
The child star admitted that he has struggled with his mental health and substance abuse for years.
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He also noted that “it was unusual that he would [do that] Because of his anxiety. He usually asked someone else to go to the place for him.

The last update Martin received on Carter was a message from the housekeeper’s friend, who told him he was “eating snacks.”

“It was strange to me that the friend was answering instead of our house servant,” he said.

“Hopefully one day soon we will have an answer [as to what happened to Carter] Years from now instead of telling Prince ‘I wish we knew.’

Just last week, Jane Carter shared five graphic photos of her son’s death scene in hopes the shocking images will push law enforcement to further investigate what she believes was a “possible murder.”

Police “never investigated it as a possible crime scene because of his drug past,” he claimed of the star who had long struggled with addiction and mental health issues.

He wrote on social media, “Aaron had many death threats and many people who were making his life miserable.

“Proper investigation not done.”

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