Antifa should be labeled what it is — a hate group


In June 2020, the Southern Poverty Law Center posted Deserve an article“Designating Antifa as a domestic terrorist organization is dangerous, threatening civil liberties.”

The organization that tracks extremism in the US dismissed the idea that Antifa poses a threat to anyone.

“Anti-fascists” are “broad, community-based” and “represent a broad spectrum of the political left.” “Individuals loosely affiliated with Antifa have been involved in clashes and property crimes at protests across the country,” the article notes.

“But the threat of deadly violence pales in comparison to the violence unleashed by far-right extremists.”

Will the SPLC change its tune now that 23 Antifa members were arrested as domestic terrorists for a violent attack on a police facility outside Atlanta?

Or notice the fact that one of the SPLC’s own lawyers, Thomas Webb Jurgens, 28, is among those arrested?

Police in Atlanta have arrested 23 Antifa members as domestic terrorists for attacking a police facility.
Atlanta P.D

fat chance Founded in 1971, the SPLC was once a respected organization, cited by the media for its work, particularly against the Ku Klux Klan.

But the left has lost its moral standing by repeatedly refusing to call out political violence.

The SPLC sees a proud boy under every bed, but actions like the months-long Antifa attack on a courthouse in Portland are justified.

If you hate the police you are not a “hate group”!

They also target journalists who cover Antifa, vilifying Post contributor Andy Ngo as a “provocateur” because he accurately reports on their activities.

In the Georgia incident, Antifa targeted “Cope City,” a training facility under construction outside Atlanta.

A black-masked group of professional anarchists threw stones and Molotov cocktails, set fire to construction equipment – an attack that followed months of clashes with authorities.

Yet the SPLC, the liberal media and yes, even Attorney General Merrick Garland pretend Antifa exists.

Atlanta police and construction workers stand near damaged property at the Atlanta Public Safety Training Center.
One of the SPLC’s own lawyers, Thomas Webb Jurgen, was among those arrested.

After all, Garland is too busy targeting school board parents.

Shockingly, the feds and the press continue to treat the SPLC as a neutral arbiter when it comes to anything.

The FBI even listened when the SPLC claimed that some Catholic groups were “radical” because they used a Latin Mass!

All this farce undermines the credibility of law enforcement and watchdog groups like the SPLC.

Americans see burning cop cars and Antifa soldiers on their televisions and wonder what the consequences are.

This is radical political violence, pure and simple.

Treat it like this.

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