Are you being watched in your next vacation rental?


As scary and illegal as it sounds, chances are the next time you book a short-term vacation rental, the owner will have cameras installed.

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Sometimes they are outside for security purposes, although some creeps use hidden cameras.

Are cameras legal in vacation rentals?

Vacation rental companies like Airbnb and Vrbo have rules when it comes to hosts with cameras.

A host is allowed to have cameras in their rental space as long as they are in public areas such as the front or backyard.

However, cameras are strictly prohibited in private areas of the space, such as bedrooms or bathrooms. And if a host has cameras in their rental space, they should clearly state this in the guidelines so a potential renter is aware before booking.

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What steps do I need to take before booking my rental?

The first thing is what you should do Read the fine print of each fare you are considering booking. Most rentals will have a lot of information listed, such as rental offers and house rules. If a host has cameras, they should clearly state them in the guidelines.

Book a rental on a laptop

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If you don’t see anything in the guidelines about cameras, you can contact the host directly and ask them if you can record any video or audio while you’re at their property before you book it. can expect the device.

If they are not direct with their answer or you feel some kind of attack from them, feel free to move on to another hire.

What do I do once I have booked my rental?

Once you book the rental and you visit the property, you can always check all the usual and unusual places to make sure there are no hidden recording devices that you can see.

Be sure to check in private rooms like bedrooms and bathrooms. And look closely at devices like fire detectors that can be placed in front of the bed.

The person has a small camera

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Be a spy when you check-in

If you want to make sure there aren’t any devices you don’t know about, you can invest in a radio frequency (RF) detector. Some of the better-quality ones are a little more expensive.

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RF detector

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Be private during the holidays

My last tip is to use a VPN. I recommend using one on all your devices and especially when traveling and staying in a short-term vacation rental so your information is encrypted and secure no matter what WiFi network you’re on. , not that.

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Have you experienced problems with hidden cameras in your vacation rental? Tell us your experience.

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