Avril Lavigne confronts topless protester on stage


A topless environmental campaigner groped Avril Lavigne at an awards show – before the singer confronted him closely and told him to “f–k off” the stage.

Lavigne, 38, appeared at Canada’s Juno Awards late Monday night. Dhillon was being introduced as the first Punjabi artiste when a topless woman strutted on stage in pink pants and a headscarf.

The “Sk8er Boy” singer initially continued her introduction, trying to ignore the stage invader, who held her hands above her head and flashed a series of eco-warrior messages across her back and chest.

After at least 20 seconds, the Canadian singer finally turned to face the blonde-haired woman — with some suggestion He also moved the protester’s breasts, which had tape covering the nipples.

“Shut the f–k up,” Lavigne said with a laugh: “Shut the f–k up, bitch.”

The performer stuck out her tongue and her booty as security slowly led her off the stage.

Lavigne initially tried to ignore the stage attacker.
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Avril Lavigne on stage with a topless performer at the Juno Awards.
The protester spun around for at least 20 seconds before facing the star.
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Host Simu Liu praised the singer for “handling that topless woman like a champ”, telling the audience: “Sorry about the boobs.”

Lavigne later joked about the confrontation when she accepted the Fan Choice Award.

“Nobody’s going to try this time or the Canadian is going to come out inside me and I’m going to squeal,” she said happily.

After the show, she was asked about some of her most memorable moments from 20 years of awards shows – saying: “It’s definitely going down as one of the highlights.”

It was not immediately clear what happened to the protester, who was not identified in local reports.

Avril Lavigne confronts a topless protester.
Lavigne finally told her: “Shut the f–k up, bitch.”
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The topless woman leading security is offstage as Avril Lavigne continues to introduce the next act,
The topless eco-warrior crouched and stuck his tongue out as security finally arrived to escort him off the stage.
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Messages on his back included “Land Back” and “Save the Green Belt,” referring to the Ontario government’s proposal to build at least 50,000 new homes on protected land.

The biggest winner was Toronto singer The Weeknd, who won a total of five Junos to bring her total to 22, second only to country-pop singer Annie Murray. However, he was not at the show to accept his awards.

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