Beyoncé channels Britney Spears and SpongeBob in Renaissance World Tour kickoff


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Beyoncé kicked him Renaissance World Tour Wednesday in Stockholm, Sweden, and it seemed to be a show full of memorable moments and elaborate art choices.

The tour is in support of his chart-topping 2022 album “Renaissance.”

The Grammy-winning singer paid tribute to Britney Spears at one point during the concert, sampling the pop star’s 2003 hit “Toxic” during her performance of the “Renaissance” song “Thick.”

In a clip Posted on Twitter, Queen Bey has been seen on stage in a rhinestone-crusted, sheer net Custom Loewe bodysuit attached to the hands and arms; She moves her body with two dancers as they perform to a mashup of the string notes of Beyoncé’s “Toxic” mixed into her song.

In the past, the singer has worked with Spears, who has an explosive TV special coming out about her post conservatorship life.

In 2004, they sang Queen’s “We Will Rock You” in a single Commercial for Pepsi With pink, whatever Will embark on a massive world tour This summer.

Beyoncé and Spears were supposed to collaborate on a new music video this year, but things Did not work enough.

On Wednesday, Beyoncé kicked off her Renaissance World Tour in Stockholm, Sweden.
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During his performance of the song. "thick," He mixed it with a sample of Britney Spears "poisonous"
During her performance of the song “Thick”, she covered it with a sample of Britney Spears’ hit “Toxic”.
Getty Images for Parkwood

Fans were very excited for her return to the stage.
Fans were very excited for her return to the stage.
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But that wasn’t the only highlight of Beyoncé’s Wednesday night show — on Twitter, other fans saw the end of the concert, where she was suspended from the ceiling and flew across the stadium.

Some compared it to a moment in “The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie”, in which the animated animal performed his hit, “I’m a stupid dung beetle” — even putting together pictures of the two moments together on the social media platform.

“Confirmed: Beyoncé is a SpongeBob fan,” a A fan joked on Twitter With a comparison photo.

“‘Yell Gun’ hates me but Beyoncé reminds me of Spongebob when she closes the #RENAISSANCEtour show,” Another person agreed.

Someone else scoffed, “Beyoncé pays tribute to SpongeBob.”

However, others were not fans of the comparison, With a fan text“Beyoncé at End of Renaissance Tour’ Tweets with SpongeBob Pic Come Here.”

The theme of the tour seemed decidedly futuristic, as she was attached to two robotic arms that “formed a metal cube around her body,” According to Billboardand imitated his every move.

She also made several outfit changes throughout the night – a custom-made, metallic Alexander McQueen suit with bold shoulder pads to open the show, as well as a silver metallic bodysuit and sky-high, knee-high boots later. . Concert

Setlist for Three hours of performance A total of 36 songs are featured – mixing her classic hits like “Crazy in Love” and “Run the World (Girls)” with new songs like “America Has a Problem” and “Pure/Honey”.

He married Mary J. Also performed a cover of Bligh’s 1994 jam.I’m going down

She changed many outfits during the show.
She went through several costume changes during the show, including this custom Loewe bodysuit.
Getty Images for Parkwood

He performed 36 songs during the three-hour concert.
He performed 36 songs during the three-hour concert.
Getty Images for Parkwood

Fans are thrilled with her return, with some creating their own version of the cowgirl hat covered in disco ball pieces, which she wore in artwork to announce her tour.

Overall, it looked like tonight’s concert was thoroughly enjoyed by fans, as one person on Twitter called out “The best performer alive.”

“Queen of Transformations!” Another user wrote. “That. Smooth. Killed. This. Girl lost my mind and brought me to Sweden…. and my voice!!!!”

A Twitter user Also joked, “Only Beyoncé would have us sit at our workplaces, live streaming her concert as if it were a live televised event. His power > we are pitiful. “

The North American leg of her global tour kicks off in Toronto on July 8, and she will travel around the US for 29 stadium shows.

on the July 29 And July 30She will approach New York City, and touch down MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford For two main concerts.

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