Biden’s migrant mess costing New York City $5 million a day


About five. million the dollar every day

That obscene figure is how much New York City Mayor Adams’ emergency management honcho Zach Iscol is costing about 30,000 illegal immigrants.

The final two-year tab is estimated to exceed $4 billion. It has already reached $500 million in mid-February.

And there’s every reason to think they’ll keep coming.

The city has plenty of other places to spend $4.6 million a day: that’s $1.7 billion a year, after all. At some point it will have to rethink its promises on “welcoming immigrants”.

Shouldn’t people be outraged about reduced public-library hours in Brooklyn, not asking questions about housing immigrants in luxury hotels?

The Biden administration has sent $8 million to help solve the immigrant problem in New York City.
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Of course, Gotham can’t absorb this financial burden without massive federal help. But Team Biden has only sent $8 million so far.

Which is outrageous: It is President Biden who created this crisis. From day one of his administration (actually, before!), he worked to destroy border security through “wave them up” policies and unwavering promises of eventual real citizenship.

Now we see the fruits. And what is Biden’s response?

nothing He mocked a “comprehensive immigration reform” plan, which would “solve” the issue by effectively legalizing border crossers.

Mayor Eric Adams
Mayor Eric Adams delivers remarks at his annual Interfaith Breakfast at the New York Public Library.
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But he does nothing concrete on implementation, and offers less than scraps to help overcrowded cities.

What is the plan here? Expecting things to work themselves out? Wait until after his re-election before coming across?

Or will he stick the Big Apple with the big bill? Thinking that a Democratic town would vote for him? how cynical

Biden’s indifference here is no less poignant because it is so special to him.

But the enormous human cost he is exacting on this front makes it beyond sickening.

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