Boomer Esiason walks out of radio show after co-host rips caller who mocked his mental health


Things got awkward in the WFAN studio Tuesday morning between its morning drive hosts, former NFL MVP Boomer Eisson and Greg Gianotti.

Two callers called into “Boomer and Joe” on Tuesday and made inappropriate comments toward Gianotti, calling her “Mary” and saying she was “acting like a girl.” At first, it started with some laughs, and was considered the “moment of the day” of the show.

A third caller, Bill, in Connecticut, however, set Gianotti over the edge. Bill cites a time when Gianotti “shut down the show,” but Gianotti said it was because he was having a “legitimate anxiety attack,” later saying he went to therapy and two is on medication.

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Boomer Eison attends the 2022 Paramount Upfront at 666 Madison Ave on May 18, 2022 in New York City. (Arturo Holmes/WireImage)

Bill then responded that Gianotti is “soft” and “just got to suck it up,” which led to a mighty shout from Gianotti.

Over the next three-plus minutes, Gianotti recounts how “people killed themselves because they were told to suck up their mental illness.” He also noted that people from war veterans to professional athletes like Kevin Love also have concerns.

“Are they soft? Or are you a d—?” Gianotti said.

Gianotti also mocked Bill, claiming he was “old school” and saying he was instead “an idiot who hasn’t evolved.”

Gianotti pounded his desk with his fist and admitted he had to turn off his microphone because he was going to curse again. Eisson, whose mic was also off, then turned to his co-host, Jerry Recco, to ask him if he had “read” and then left the studio.

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Recco said Gianotti’s tirade was “well done,” but Essien’s omission clearly upset him.

“Well, he can’t handle that either. Quite frankly, he doesn’t understand mental health to save his life,” Gianotti said. “It’s a big problem. It’s a big problem.”

After the commercial break, the two discussed the New York Giants’ quarterback position side by side.

The two have been morning radio partners since 2018. Easison previously worked with Craig Carton on the morning show for 10 years until the latter was arrested and jailed for a year.

Boomer Eison wears a New York Rangers jersey on his radio show at the WFAN studios in New York.

Boomer Eison wears a New York Rangers jersey on his radio show at the WFAN studios in New York. (NY Daily News via Marcus Santos/Getty Images)

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Carton now co-stars in afternoon drive with Evan Roberts on WFAN, and both shows consistently top the ratings in New York.

Boomer and Joe will return to air on Wednesday at 6am.

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