brave shopkeeper busts robbers attempt to loot jewellery shop at gun point in Kajgaon Jalgaon viral video maharashtra


Image source: SCREENGRAB, INDIA TV Thieves tried to rob jewelery shop at gunpoint in Maharashtra’s Jalgaon

Maharashtra: An attempt by two men at gunpoint to rob a jewelery shop in Maharashtra’s Jalgaon district was foiled. The incident took place in Sonar Gali, Kajgaon, Bhadgaon taluka of Jalgaon, caught on camera.

According to the CCTV footage, when the thieves tried to rob the shop, the shopkeeper shouted. As soon as the shop owner shouted, the people of the nearby shops became alert and tried to catch the robbers. However, both the thieves managed to escape from the spot by threatening people at gunpoint.

The incident took place when two unidentified persons entered the shop of Balaji Jewelers in Sonar Gali Bazar on the pretext of making gold articles.

Umesh Vinod Bora, owner of Balaji Jewellers, was alone at the shop. Seeing him alone, both the robbers pulled out pistols and tried to take cash and other goods.

The shopkeeper immediately shouted after which the people of the area gathered and reached the spot. The thieves managed to escape from the spot using a four-wheeler. Immediately after this, the police also reached the spot and tried to catch the robbers.

According to reports, the thieves left the car in Nimkhedi Shivra area near Soigaon taluka. The police said that the car in which the thieves came has also been stolen.

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