Canadian MP`s speech in Kannada in Parliament earns praise on social media


A Canadian MP’s speech in the Parliament of Canada in his mother tongue Kannada has gone viral on social media, praising his love for his mother tongue.

Chandra Arya, Member of Parliament from Nepean, hails from Dwarlu, a small village in Seera taluk of Tumakuru district in Karnataka. “I spoke in the Canadian Parliament in my mother tongue (first language) Kannada. This beautiful language has (a) long history and is spoken by about 50 million people. This is the first time Kannada has been spoken in a Parliament in the outside world. Hai. Of India,” Arya tweeted along with a minute-long video of his speech in Kannada. His speech received a standing ovation from some of his parliamentary colleagues.

Watch the video:

“Honourable Speaker, I am glad to have the opportunity to speak in Kannada in the Parliament of Canada. It is a matter of pride for 5 crore Kannadigas that a person was born in Dooralu village in Tumkur (Tumakuru) district of Sira taluk. An Indian state. Elected as Member of Parliament in Karnataka, Canada, spoke in Kannada,” he said in his Kannada speech. Noting that in 2018, Kannadigas from Canada celebrated Kannada ‘Rajyotsav’ in Parliament of Canada, he said, ” I would like to end my statement with (a) a few words from a song written by Rashtrakavi Kuvempu and sung by Natasravabhauma Dr. Rajkumar. Eladaru iru antadaru iru, Andendigu ni Kannadwagiru (Wherever you live, whoever you are, always be a Kannadiga. Thank you Speaker.” Son of retired Commercial Tax Assistant Commissioner K Govinda Iyer, Chandra Arya is a Liberal Party politician.

Appreciating Arya’s speech, Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bomai said that he has spread the Kannada language globally. “Huge congratulations to Chandra Arya for proving that no matter how big one gets in life, one should always remember one’s roots. Eladaru iru antadaru iru, endendigu ni kannadwagiru,” he tweeted. Minister of Large and Medium Industries Murugesh R Nirani said, “It is an honor to see Kannada, the language of our land, being spoken in the Canadian Parliament. It fills us all with great pride.”

Arya’s speech was also praised by netizens on social media.

Karnataka Congress President DK Sivakumar said, “I am happy to see our great Kannada language spoken in the Canadian Parliament. A great idea by Shri Chandra Arya. Kannada people all over the world should raise the flag of our mother tongue.” ” Arya recently urged the Canadian people and the government to recognize the difference between the ‘Swastik’, an ancient and auspicious symbol for Hindus, and the 20th century Nazi symbol ‘Hackenkreis’, pointing out that there is no similarity between the two.

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