Cardinal Dolan says Biden doesn’t take his calls on migrants


When it comes to the migrant crisis, President Biden has committed a cardinal sin.

The Archbishop of New York, Timothy Cardinal Dolan, told The Post he has reached out to POTUS about the “tragic, broken” migrant system — to no avail.

“He doesn’t take my calls or answer my letters,” he said.

“New York just can’t handle them all, we know that,” the cardinal added. “It’s very unfair. This is a New York problem, but it’s not just a New York problem. It is an American problem.”

While the nation’s two most powerful Catholics have not spoken about the migrant crisis, Dolan has talked to Gov. Hochul — and is unimpressed.

“I’ve spoken with the governor a number of times and haven’t gotten too much consolation,” he said.

“He doesn’t take my calls or answer my letters,” said Dolan of President Biden.
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On the other hand, Dolan said, Mayor Adams is not afraid to have a candid conversation about the 110,000 migrants that have poured into NYC this year.

“I give Mayor Adams a lot of credit. He tells us where he needs help,” he said.

“He’s been very good about rallying religious leaders, asking our help to advocate with the federal government, which has done hardly anything, [and] with the state government, which hasn’t done much.”

cardinal dolan, mayor adams
Dolan is impressed with how Mayor Adams rallied religious leaders to help with the migrants.
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A few months ago, Adams publicly called for underutilized buildings to be used to house migrants.

The New York Archdiocese — with nearly 300 parishes and 156 Catholic schools — heeded the call and lent the city about 10 facilities, such as former convents and closed schools.

The church also helps with migrant intake, Dolan said.

“The mayor told us that he really needed some desk help in meeting the people and taking their records and helping to get them settled,” he said, pointing to the work of Catholic Charities, an Archdiocesan provider on Maiden Lane.

cardinal dolan with migrants
“The overwhelming majority of these migrants and asylum seekers are just very honest, family people who are eager to get settled and become part of the American Dream,” Dolan said.
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“Every day hundreds come in,” Dolan said. “We look them in the eyes, get their names and we love them and we say, ‘You’re part of us now. You’re not a number.’”

Dolan, who has headed the nation’s largest and most influential archdiocese since 2009, said the church is also helping find migrants housing, schooling, healthcare, and legal assistance.

But the task is overwhelming.

Cardinal Timothy Dolan greets newly arrived migrants at the New York Catholic Center, 1011 1st Ave.
Dolan said the church is also helping find migrants housing, schooling, healthcare, and legal assistance.
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“Like everybody else, we’re squashed,” he said. “But we can’t give up.”

Individual parishes — like St. Teresa on Henry Street and Ascension on West 107th — also do their part to welcome migrants and provide them with food, clothing, and school supplies.

“We make sure that the priests are there, that the people feel welcome for mass and the sacraments,” Dolan said.

migrants in nyc
Dolan said he has a “high obligation” to care for the newcomers, although he does see the need for immigration reform.

Dolan feels the current system is “terribly wrecked” and needs “dramatic immigration reform.”

“The church has always been very supportive of the right of a nation to have borders and border security . . . we don’t just want borders where anybody can come in,” said Dolan, who is known to visit the migrants housed at the Roosevelt Hotel.

However, he and the church still have a “high obligation” to care for the newcomers.

“For us, it’s not so much about politics and policy . . . we have to leave that to others,” he said. “Our sacred responsibility is to help them. We hate to see these people suffer.”

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