China man jailed for scaring neighbor’s chickens to death


That’s just the bird.

A Chinese man was sentenced to prison on Tuesday for trespassing on his neighbor’s property to kill thousands of chickens as part of a revenge plan.

The man, identified only by his surname Gu, was accused of using a flashlight to scare the birds – causing them to kill each other at his owner’s base in Hunan province. China Daily reported.

Frightened by the glaring light, the herd gathered in a corner of the coop, where they trampled each other in an attempt to escape.

The first time Goo trespassed, 500 chickens were trampled – and he was later caught by the police.

Gu was later captured by police and ordered to give his neighbor, identified as Zhong, 3,000 yuan, or $436 — which only enraged the maniac.

He came back and executed the scheme a second time.

Officials say a total of 1,100 chickens were killed in the two massacres.

The man was accused of using a flashlight to scare the chickens, causing them to kill each other, China Daily reported.
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Gu was allegedly retaliating amid an ongoing dispute with the chicken owner that began in April 2022 when Gu cut down the bamboo trees without permission or notification.

The Hengyang court ruled that Gu “deliberately caused property damage” to Zhong, resulting in a monetary loss of 13,840 yuan, or $2,015.

The court sentenced him to six months imprisonment with one year probation.

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