Congress hits back at Centre over claim of Sengol being symbol of transfer of power by British to India new Parliament


Image Source: PTI Congress on ‘Sengol’ symbol of transfer of power

Inauguration of the new Parliament House The Congress on Friday questioned the authenticity of the government’s statement on ‘Sengol’ being installed near the Lok Sabha Speaker’s chair after Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the new Parliament building on May 28.

Congress leader Jairam Ramesh claimed that there is no documentary evidence of Lord Mountbatten, C Rajagopalachari and Jawaharlal Nehru describing ‘Sengol’ as a symbol of the transfer of power by the British in India. He added that all the claims circulating about ‘Sengol’ are “false accounts of WhatsApp University in general.” He also alleged that Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his henchmen are using the ceremonial scepter for their own political ends in Tamil Nadu.

Commonly false narratives from WhatsApp University

“Is it any wonder that the new Parliament is being sanctified with typically false narratives from WhatsApp University? The BJP/RSS destroyers are once again exposed with more claims, less evidence, ” said the Congress leader.

He claimed that a magnificent scepter conceived by a religious establishment in Madras province and manufactured in Madras city (now Chennai) was actually presented to Nehru in August 1947. In August 1947, Nehru was presented in the city of Madras.

‘No Documentary Evidence’

On the BJP’s claim that the golden scepter was a symbol of the transfer of power and that it became anonymous after independence, Ramesh said, “There is no documentary evidence of Mountbatten, Rajaji and Nehru using this scepter as a symbol of the state. IS. TRANSFER OF BRITISH POWER TO INDIA. ALL CLAIMS TO THIS EFFECT ARE PLAIN AND SIMPLE – BOGUS. COMPLETELY AND COMPLETELY CONDUCTED IN THE MIND OF A FEW PEOPLE AND SPREAD ON WHATSAPP, AND NOW FOR THE DRUMBARS IN THE MEDIA. TWO Uttam Rajaji scholars with impeccable credentials have expressed astonishment.”

Why is President Draupadi Murmu not being allowed to inaugurate?

He added that the scepter was later put on display at the Allahabad Museum. “What Nehru said there on December 14, 1947, is a matter of public record, whatever the labels. In Tamil Nadu now the Prime Minister and his drummers are using the scepter for their political purposes. It is a characteristic of this brigade that it embroiders facts to suit its twisted purposes,” he said. “The real question is why President Draupadi Murmu is not being allowed to inaugurate the new Parliament?” he added.

About 20 opposition parties have decided to boycott the ceremony to protest the “sidelining” of President Murmu. Opposition parties said the Prime Minister’s decision to inaugurate it herself, “completely ignoring President Draupadi Murmu, is not only a gross insult but a direct attack on our democracy, demanding a response.” goes”. In a joint statement on Wednesday, 19 political parties said, “When the spirit of democracy has been sucked out of Parliament, we see no value in a new building.”

On Thursday, the BJP alleged that the Congress had insulted Hindu traditions by calling the sacred ‘Sengol’ as a “golden stick” gift to India’s first Prime Minister Nehru and keeping it in a museum. BJP leader Amit Malviya said that handing over the “sacred ‘Sengol'” with Nehru on the eve of India’s independence was the perfect moment for the transfer of power from the British to India.

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