Could AI race cars replace human drivers?


It’s no secret that autonomous driving is quickly becoming the way of the future. Amazon recently did its first test drive of the Zoox robotaxy, and it was a huge success, so many are wondering if it will become the norm down the road.

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As part of the 2023 International CES Convention in January, the Indy Autonomous Challenge makes its return to showcase some of the world’s fastest autonomous race cars.

Pushing the boundaries of head-to-head AI racing

The Indy Autonomous Challenge was a tournament aimed at pushing the limits of head-to-head autonomous racing and showcasing the future of autonomous mobility at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

It featured nine teams from 17 universities spread across six different countries attempting to break the autonomous racing world record. In the end, it was the Polimov team from the Polytechnic University of Milan that won the whole thing.

1 AC Cars Racing. (Indie Autonomous Challenge)

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Polimov reached a maximum speed of 180 mph, a new autonomous speed world record for a racetrack. Indi Autonomous Challenge is looking forward to continue serving as a platform for students who want to excel in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Autonomous Racing Group seeks to “enhance safety and performance in all modes of motorsports and commercial transportation.”

What are the benefits of autonomous driving?

Proponents have a list of benefits from autonomous driving, which explains why they are being accepted so quickly. One advantage is that they are a big help to the environment.

Many vehicles are being designed specifically to be more environmentally sustainable, and one model called the Aero is being built with high-efficiency particle-absorbing filters that remove pollution from the air while on the road. clean up

A Zoox car on the road.

A Zoox car on the road. (Zooks)

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Another big benefit is that it can help shipping industries because they won’t have to rely on human drivers working certain shifts. An autonomous vehicle could operate around the clock, monitored by teams thousands of miles away. In addition, the removal of heavy road freight vehicles that use diesel gas will also significantly help the environment.

There are also advantages when it comes to race car driving. The sport has always been dangerous for drivers behind the wheel.

However, autonomous vehicles will allow fans of race car driving to still enjoy the sport as these vehicles can potentially drive faster, better and more safely than any professional human driver. Those professional drivers will still be able to use the software to control their race cars in a race.

Will it take jobs away from human drivers?

Although we may see fewer human driving jobs in the future, humans will still be needed to monitor and control these autonomous vehicles. This could ultimately create more jobs for people in the STEM world, which refers to four academic subject disciplines: science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Tractor trolley on the road.

Tractor trolley on the road. (

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It may also encourage other young people to take an interest in the field, such as students working for the Indie Autonomous Challenge.

So, yes, AI vehicles can replace human drivers. I can’t imagine enjoying a visit to the racetrack without the race car stars we know and love.

Check out our story about Amazon’s first self-driving vehicle by visiting and clicking on the magnifying glass at the top, typing in “Amazon’s self-driving car.”

How do you feel about autonomous vehicles replacing human drivers? We want to know your thoughts.

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