Counting Crows singer unrecognizable in TV appearance


This is called dread head removal.

Adam Duritz is hanging out without his locks. is the lead singer of Counting Crows Making headlines again After appearing on Australian TV without his trademark dreadlocks – though he Got rid of them four years ago.

The buzz started when the 58-year-old appeared on Today Extra with the alt-rock group’s guitarist, David Immerglek, to promote his new Butter Miracle Tour. The Daily Mail reported.

Show co-host Sylvia Jeffries announced, “The scares are over, but the boys are back for their first national tour in seven years.

He and co-host David Campbell then quizzed the bandmates on how it felt to make a comeback tour after a seven-year hiatus from performing Down Under.

“Everything back on the road is great,” replied Duritz, who had seen — unkindly — the beard and mustache moving but no fear.

Counting Crows lead singer Adam Durtees, 58, appeared on Australian TV’s “Today Extra” to discuss the group’s upcoming tour.

Needless to say, the audience was taken aback by the singer’s impersonal square-haired face. Indeed, it marked a cosmetic 180° for Duritz, who rocked the famous mane during the ’90s, when his band dominated the charts. Formed in 1991, Crow signed to Geffen Records, after which they released the hit single “Mr. Jones” in 1993.

The unlikely heartthrob dated some of the biggest stars of the ’90s, including Winona Ryder and Courteney Cox.

Perhaps most infamously, the “Hangin’ Around” singer enjoyed a brief fling with Cox’s “Friends” costar Jennifer Aniston in 1995, though he Claims both “Never even sleep together.”

Lead singer/songwriter of a rock group "The number of crows" Adam Duritz performs at the Greek Theater on September 25, 2000 in Los Angeles, CA.
Adam Duritz, lead singer/songwriter of the rock group Counting Crows performs at the Greek Theater on September 25, 2000 in Los Angeles, CA.
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Duritz AD (After Dreadlocks)
Duritz announced her new look on social media in 2019.
Twitter/, Counting Crows

“She was really nice, really funny, really beautiful, it was really good for me, and she liked me,” Duritz said in 2021, describing her alleged previous “friend”-ship. “It didn’t last long but she’s a good girl.”

Duritz rocked Roppy Do until 2019 when he decided to free himself from “lockdown”. Much to the chagrin of many fans. “Oh yes, I went to London and shaved my head! Anarchy in the UK indeed motherf-curse!!!” rock symbol wrote in an Instagram post with Along with a selfie of yourself with a fresh buzzcut.

However, the singer had previously admitted Her luscious locks were actually later extensions Billboard is telling He was “tired” of dreads and had been considering sporting a new hairstyle for some time now.

Adam Duritz poses on the opening night of the play "Pictures from home" On Broadway at the Studio 54 Theater on February 9, 2023 in New York City.
Adam Duritz poses during the opening night of the Broadway play “Pictures From Home” at the Studio 54 Theater on February 9, 2023 in New York City.
Bruce Glickas/WireImage

“I’m getting used to it,” he said. “It’s weird because I’ve done so much in my life, and every bit of it was done with people over my head.”

Thankfully, unlike the biblical Samson, cutting his hair did not destroy his powers. In the interview above, Duritz and bandmate Immergluck said they boast a large demographic of fans who attend their concerts, a phenomenon they attribute to the “Shrek effect”.

Duritz recalled how their 2004 hit “Accidentally in Love” came about when DreamWorks asked Counting Crows to write a song for the opening scene of “Shrek 2.”

Adam Duritz performs on stage in Hyde Park.
Adam Duritz performs on stage in Hyde Park.

“I went to Amblin [studios] And I sat down with the director and one of the producers and they showed me almost the entire film, seven-eighths of the film, and some scenes that are storyboarded,” he explained. “And they told me what they were looking for and sent me home with a new DVD of that scene and I worked on it and some of the band guys helped out.”

The duo, who have collaborated for 40 years, hope to expand their appeal with the aforementioned Australian tour, which kicks off in Adelaide on March 30. Later, the Crows would perform for themselves stateside in 56 cities. Banshee Season TourStarting from 13 June.

And now, their Top 40-friendly sound has a “mane-steam” frontman to match.

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