Crypto-mining malware attacking Apple Mac with pirated software


A threat warning for certain Apple Mac and MacBook computers running certain modified versions of Final Cut Pro editing software may hijack infected devices.

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Pirated copies of popular video editing software have been altered to include a malicious instruction that forces an infected Mac or MacBook to act as a cryptocurrency mining machine for a hacker.

Worse, this latest malware can bypass and disable certain security processes running on an infected device by masquerading as legitimate Final Cut Pro.

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Photo showing crypto-mining malware attackers. Many hackers target computers to manipulate cryptocurrencies. (

What is cryptojacking?

Cryptojacking – or a crypto-mining malware attack – occurs when a hacker is successfully detected by placing malware on a target computer to use its resources to manipulate cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

Crypto-mining malware is usually difficult to root out and can compromise computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and connected devices. Strong antivirus protection can often detect these hidden cryptojacking attacks when it sees unusual network traffic and processes running.

Once infected, the victim’s device can often exhibit very slow speeds when it is actively cryptojacked.

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Hackers are targeting Apple computers using a legitimate-looking "The final cut" App to install malware.  Hackers then use the information to manipulate cryptocurrencies.

Hackers are targeting Apple computers by using a legitimate-looking “Final Cut” app to install malware. Hackers then use the information to manipulate cryptocurrencies. (

The threat is being detected

Investigations by security professionals at Jamf Threat Lab A known bad actor with a history of uploading and spreading viruses led to the detection of malicious Final Cut Pro copies.

Since 2019, the same hacker has been responsible for planting several malicious malware attacks hidden within pirated copies of both Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro X.

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How to avoid hidden crypto-mining malware threats

Only download legal software. The safest place to download software is from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Downloading software online from other sources carries a high risk of inviting malware into your world.

Update the operating software. Make sure you’re always running the latest version of operating software for your computer, smartphone, and tablet.

Use strong antivirus protection. It’s never been more important to make sure you have good antivirus protection on all your devices.

I’ve broken down the top antivirus protection for Mac, PC, iOS and Android devices. Is my top choice Total AV And it includes real-time anti-malware protection that keeps your computers safe from the very latest threats.

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