Dave Ramsey show clip of young couple with $1M debt goes viral


A video showing a young woman calling into financial advisor Dave Ramsey’s radio show asking for help trying to pay off her and her husband’s nearly $1 million in debt went viral on Twitter this week. was done

A video recently posted to Ramsey’s TikTok captured a 2018 exchange between the 29-year-old woman and the adviser, during which he asked her how to get rid of the couple’s huge debt “without filing bankruptcy.”

The woman indicated that her major debt was from personal credit card bills and student loans. He said they both had advanced degrees, for which they owe more than a third of their total debt.

A version of the shocking video shared on Twitter was viewed more than 9 million times in two days.

The video begins with the young woman telling Ramsey over the phone, “We probably only have $1 million in debt and we want to know how to get debt free without filing bankruptcy.”

Ramsey’s first question was “How much of this is a mortgage?” To which he replied that only $210,000 of that goes towards the couple’s house payment.

Looking a bit confused, Ramsey asked next, “So what do you have $600,000?” “$335,000 is in student loans — we both have advanced degrees — and then the rest is basically credit cards and student loans,” Guest said.

A young couple tells Dave Ramsey that they have a million dollar debt between the ages of 29 and 32.
TikTok / @daveramsey

Ramsay, looking concerned, then asked, “How old are you?” When the woman mentioned that she was 29, he pointedly asked, “So, what in the world?”

Also, explaining how large the amount of debt is, he added, “I mean, are you both on it, or is it one of you who’s completely lost his mind?” The guest claimed that her husband, who is 32 years old, has most of the credit card loans and that he has most of the Student loan debt.

Elsewhere in the video, Ramsey asks what kind of advanced degrees they both have, to which he says, “He has an MBA and I have an advanced degree in policy.” He hints that they both work for the government, as the distraught consultant holds his hand to his head and lets out a big sigh.

Ramsey then asked about their household income, which he revealed was “about $230,000.” He asked, “Do you both recognize how absurd this situation is?” He confirmed that this was to be the case, which Ramsay claimed was “good”.

In a second clip of the exchange, Ramsay delivers some hard truths to the couple. “Well, you’re scared, and you should be,” he said, “you’re hated and you should be. You are in the early stages of being sick and are sick and tired and you should be. “

He continued, “So I’m getting ready to destroy your life as you know, because your lifestyle is well above your very good income and for a time, and so you spend like that. got used to. You’re in Congress.”

He then advised, “You don’t have to care what anyone thinks, including each other, because you will never spend any money on anything for the next three years.”

Twitter users were shocked to hear the call. Ace Christian Javier, the user who shared the clip on Twitter, tweeted, “This is totally the Holy Mother of God.”

Bloom Institute of Technology CEO Austin Allred tweeted, “When you read about the Greek tragedies you learn that one of the purposes was to give you a moment to feel how the weight of the world on your shoulders would feel. Then feel that you have life. Really amazing. That’s why I present this video to you.”

Opposition to student loans
Because both partners have advanced degrees, $335,000 of their million dollar debt is in student loans.
Alejandro Alvarez / CEPA USA

“Um I’m just going to leave the country and never come back,” claimed user LC.

Liberal activist Kendall Brown observes, “Note that it’s the *husband* who racked up 100,000k+ in credit card debt, but it’s the *wife* who’s handling the abusive call for help to Dave Ramsey.”

Culture commentator Kimberly Nicole Foster tweeted, “Does this woman have a shopping addiction? I’m really asking.”

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