Democrats nationwide start to see sense on ‘homeless rights’


It’s not just Mayor Eric Adams: Democrats across the country are waking up to the fact that doing right by the homeless does not That means leaving them on the streets because they’re denied the mental-health help they so desperately need.

Portland, Ore., Mayor Ted Wheeler is pushing his state legislature to “lower the state’s threshold for civil commitment, which is currently limited to people who are a danger to themselves or others or their basic needs.” are unable to provide,” Politico reports.

New Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass actually ran for office (as a far-left candidate!) promising to lead London Breed, San Francisco’s mayor, in forcing a cure.

And California Gov. Gavin Newsom (a top Dem presidential candidate Joe Biden leans on) has already pushed through legislation easing civil-commitment rules.

That is a lot progressive Elected officials are now saying it’s inhumane (and unsafe for everyone) to leave mentally ill street people untreated.

Adams remains the leader, who after a series of horrific subway attacks has begun involuntarily hospitalizing more homeless New Yorkers with severe and incurable mental illness. In the first month of his new policy, at least 42 seriously mentally ill people were involuntarily taken for psychiatric evaluation.

And the NYPD reported last month that more than 87% of patrol cops are trained to identify mentally ill people who pose a “danger to themselves or others” or are “incapable of self-care.” “are not bravo

Even our left-leaning City Council is adopting legislation to make mental-health treatment more widely available to chronically homeless people in the city’s family shelter system after exposés revealed inadequate access. . Still up in the air: Will the state legislature heed Gov. Cathy Hochul’s call to do more on this front?

Most New Yorkers will applaud movement on this front, but it may take a long time for politicians to let go of an ideology that makes no sense in the real world. With West Coast leftists getting on board, let’s hope New York progressives can at least bend on this front.

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