Do this before you ever throw that old Android phone away


Although smartphones are constantly being improved with longer-lasting batteries and other features, they eventually stop working. Like all electronic devices, smartphones have a limited lifespan, and their performance can degrade over time for a variety of reasons, such as wear and tear, software and hardware problems, and battery wear.

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Additionally, as technology advances, newer and better smartphones with more advanced features are constantly being released, which can make older models obsolete and less desirable to use. So, if you find yourself stuck with an Android that is a bug, make sure you follow our steps to troubleshoot it properly.

How to troubleshoot old android if it is working

Sadly, fixing or repairing a phone these days can cost as much as buying a new one. Before you take the plunge and buy a new one, you’ll want to make sure you get rid of the old one safely. There are also steps you should try, such as backing up the device, especially if your Android is still bootable.

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Before disposing of an old Android it is a good idea to back it up first. (

How to transfer or backup your old phone

Many carriers allow you to bring in your old phone after purchasing a new phone. In that case, you can directly transfer data from your old phone to your new device. If, however, you need to trade-in, sell, recycle, or donate your old phone, you need to back up the phone before getting rid of all data. You can either back up your device manually (by physically plugging in the device) or through a cloud service.

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How to Backup Android on Windows

Photo of phone on wireless charger.

Even if your phone’s screen is dead, it’s still possible to back up the memory in your computer by plugging it in. (

Try plugging your phone into the computer. It is possible that your Android screen is dead, and the device is still working. If you plug it in using a USB/micro-USB cord, your computer will likely show an external device plugged in. If you are able to access the device, unlock it and save all data to an external hard drive or your own. Computer files.

This method may not work if you have a passcode on your device, as your phone may require you to approve a transfer from the phone itself, but it’s worth a shot to see if you Be able to backup via computer.

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How to backup Android to a cloud

If you have set up find my mobile On Android and your device is still on, you can back it up remotely via Samsung Cloud:

  1. Log in find my mobile
  2. click Back up On the options for your device
  3. Close the apps and data you want to back up
  4. Tap Back up Again

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If your device is eligible for trade-in

Find out if your device is available for trade-in here. Samsung allows trade-ins for many older devices that can count toward a new Galaxy smartphone.

Follow the steps by filling in the manufacturer, model and condition, and check if it qualifies.

An important note here is that your phone will only be enabled if it starts on the home screen and tasks. A reduced price may be applied if your screen or device has any breaks, cracks, or other defects beyond normal wear and tear.

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Android phone with SIM card.

If your Android phone has a SIM card, you can remove the SIM card before disposing of your phone. (

Does your phone have a SIM card or ESIM?

If you are concerned about information about a non-functioning device, you may or may not need to worry. Does your phone have a SIM card? If so, remove the SIM card before recycling any old phone. If you were using an eSIM, contact your phone carrier to disconnect that eSIM from the device before following the next steps. You should be able to contact your carrier about installing an eSIM on your next device.

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How to troubleshoot an old Android if it’s not working

The most important thing to note, even if your Android is completely useless and won’t turn back on, should you No Throw it in the trash. Smartphones contain a lithium battery that needs to be recycled or disposed of, but not with your household waste.

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Recycle your Android

You can bring any smartphone into most electronics stores and recycle it for free, like Best Buy, for example. You can also recycle devices online through sites like Apple (yes, they accept devices other than the iPhone), Google, or Amazon, which has a great free recycling program you can use. Amazon also offers trade-ins for working devices that can be redeemed as Amazon Gift Cards. There are other sites like Decluttr that let you sell old devices.

You can also check your local waste electronic recycling programs to see where you can recycle devices locally. The Environmental Protection Agency Donation and recycling programs are listed.

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Kurt’s main measures

Properly disposing of your old Android phone is important for environmental and personal data protection reasons. Whether your phone is working or not, there are steps you can take to back up your data and safely recycle the device. By following the tips outlined in this article, you can ensure that your old phone is disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner while protecting your personal information.

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What do you usually do with your old smartphone? Do you recycle them, trade in them, or keep them as a backup device? Tell us by writing to us

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