Do you know about this price tracking feature on your Android?


Some savvy online shoppers are looking for a new tool to help them find low prices on everyday items. This will definitely affect the overall deals that you are able to score when you too figure out this secret shopping tip.

Online shopping is growing so fast that e-commerce retail purchases are expected to grow from about 14% to 22% in the U.S. according to E-Marketer. While shopping online can be fun and convenient, it can also be a bit overwhelming with the sheer number of products available to purchase. Additionally, finding the product you need at a price you can afford or want to pay can be time-consuming.

If you have an Android, you’re in luck with a new tool to save money when shopping online. There’s a feature on your phone that you might not know about that will let your Google Chrome browser track prices for you. You can use this price-tracking feature either by leaving the product page tab open and letting Chrome monitor it, or by manually adding products to Chrome tracking.

Before we get to this feature, it’s important that you have the latest version of the Chrome app.

  • On your Android phone, open Play Store App
  • At the top right, tap on Profile icon
  • Tap Manage apps and devices
  • subject to “Updates are available“Find chrome
  • Next to Chrome, tap update

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Note: Settings may vary depending on the manufacturer of your Android phone.

Google often rolls out Chrome features differently for different phones. So, you can have both the following price tracking features available. However, it is more likely that you will only have one or the other.

How to turn on price tracking feature for Chrome browser tab

Google Chrome App on Android. ( )

  • open up Google Chrome
  • Click on three dots In the upper-right-hand corner
Google search on an Android

Tracking feature on your Android. ( )

Google Chrome Settings

Settings in Google Chrome. ( )

Google Chrome Service

Google Services feature in Google Chrome. ( )

  • Turn on the toggle Track prices on tabs
Track prices for your retail purchases

Tracking feature on your Android for retail purchases. ( )

  • When a drop in price is detected, you a Badge on the tab which shows current and past prices.

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How to manually track a specific product on Android

Reminder: This price tracking feature may not be available to all Android users.

  • Search for products You want to track
  • Click on shopping Tab
Shopping on e-commerce Google Chrome

E-commerce retail shopping from Google Chrome. ( )

Shopping on e-commerce Google Chrome

Track your online purchases on Android. ( )

  • Scroll down and turn on Track price To receive price drop alerts for this product on any site.
Track online purchases

Tracking online purchases. ( )

How to stop tracking a product

  • On your Android phone, open the Google app
  • At the bottom, tap collection
  • Under Purchases, tap View all tracked products
  • Next to the product, tap More.

Then tap Stop tracking.

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How to stop notifications for products you track

  • If you want to continue tracking a product but don’t want notifications:
  • On your Android phone, open the Google app
  • At the bottom, tap collection
  • Under Purchases, tap View all tracked products
  • Next to the product, tap Notifications.

Can I use price tracking if I have an iPhone?

You can also use this feature if you are an iPhone user and want to use Chrome as your main browser. Please note, however, that the above features may be accessible and may not yet be available for all products and stores.

If you don’t want to use Chrome as a browsing app, you can choose to use other price-tracking apps like BuyVia, ShopSavvy, or Flipp. We’ve ranked some of the best price tracking and comparison apps before, and you can find our top picks here.

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Online shopping is growing rapidly, yet the abundance of options can be overwhelming. However, if you are an Android user, you can use the hidden feature in Google Chrome that I mentioned above to simplify the process. By keeping tabs open or adding products manually, Chrome can track prices and alert you of any reductions.

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