Exclusive! `Quick Style` open up on working with BTS, Usher and Anil Kapoor


Norwegian hip-hop dance group The Quickstyle went viral in India after the group dropped a video of their moves to the popular Bollywood song ‘Kaala Chashma’ from the movie ‘Baar Baar Dekho’. The dance group has worked with big names like Usher, BTS and Alan Walker.

For the first time ever, Quickstyle is in Mumbai for a meet and greet with his adoring fans. The group sat down for an interview with mid-day.com and they had this to say.

How is Mumbai treating you?
Amazing! It’s been great food, most amazing people, everyone is so lovely. We feel at home, the energy is beautiful

What are you most excited about while living in the city?
Everything! Last night we took a local train and the people in the train were very nice to us. We started dancing in the train, everything feels like a movie.

You’ve worked with top global artists but it’s a wedding song that got you all over Instagram, was that a surprise?
It is the most beautiful stage to stand in the first place. And it was for our friend, brother and partner. This is a very rare and once in a lifetime opportunity to get so we are very grateful for the opportunity. Now it’s just sharing that energy.

How did you feel about a video with Anil Kapoor that went viral?
Such a great man. Such a handsome man. Anil Kapoor was very cute He gave us all so much love individually. We took walks together without a plan and made funny videos.

If we don’t talk about BTS cooperation, the army is getting very disappointed.
We are here to meet everyone sincerely. We are only touching the tip of the iceberg. We will definitely be back. You’ll be seeing a lot more of us. We have been working with BTS for a long time. We did some choreography for BTS. We have no words for them. They are one of the best.

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When you already work with amazing dancers, taking your dance to the next level can be a challenge.
I think that’s a good thing because we’ve done it for many years. I think this is our field, so we look forward to this kind of challenge. Whatever comes, we take it, we are always ready

We also have to talk about associate Usher, who also went viral.
It was a big surprise for us too. We have grown up with his music and his team reaching out to us, being a part of the show was an unexpected dream come true. Usher and his team are amazing people. Polite, nice, hardworking, they treated us very well

Artists on your list, what other collaborations are you looking forward to?
We feel that there are many people and it is coming. It won’t be fun if you guys already know. We want to surprise everyone.

Are we expecting a performance on ‘Natu Natu’ to celebrate the Oscar win?
Of course! Why not, we’re definitely going to show up for a meet and greet.

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