For $15 billion, EVERY commuter should get better service


“Can’t anybody here play this game?”: Casey Stengel’s epic words of frustration fit so aptly for MTA and Long Island Railroad managers who have managed to scuttle the East Side Access project. once again.

The project has been cursed from the start, not least by revolving-door management at the MTA as several governors put their own people in charge in quick succession, and then Gov. Andrew Cuomo replaced the boss in one fit or another. dismissed

Overall, running the LIRR into Grand Central Terminal is easy $10 billion Over its initial budget and a decade late. And now that the plan is finally fully live, travelers are united in their anger at the outcome.

Gov. Cathy Hochul and the MTA insist they will fix the problems in no time.
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Those who rode single-seat to Brooklyn faced challenging, time-consuming train changes at Jamaica, as well as crowded cars on more limited service.

Those still heading to Penn Station also get squeezed.

And people arriving at Grand Central ride the Luong escalator just to get out, assuming the poor signage allows them. find out exit

Gov. Cathy Hochul and the MTA insist they will fix the problems in no time. “We don’t know exactly what people will want to do,” Sarkar says. No one thought to find out in advance? in the two decades Since the project started?

Did they think that commuters coming through Brooklyn wouldn’t do that notice Being screwed over?

Even people who had already had to divert to Jamaica are upset: “It’s turned into the Hunger Games,” one traveler told the Post.

Yes, the current MTA managers had to make bad decisions at best, long before their time. But had to consider Better.

“I don’t see how we spend billions of dollars — I mean, billions of dollars — and anybody’s commute should suffer,” said Daniel Fugazi Scagliola of Glen Cove. . “It’s incredible.”

Except for a few passengers (we know one), the only winners here are the Harvard Business School guys who can now write an excellent case study on how No To run a railroad.

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