Four Australian Open spectators ‘revealed inappropriate flags and symbols and threatened security guards,’ organizer says



Four people who were involved in it Australian Open A Tennis Australia spokeswoman told CNN on Wednesday that Victoria Police had made inquiries after “disclosing inappropriate flags and signs and threatening security guards.”

“Four people in the crowd exiting the stadium displayed inappropriate flags and signs and threatened security guards,” a Tennis Australia spokesman said. “Victoria Police intervened and continued to question them.

“Everyone’s comfort and safety is our priority and we are working closely with security and authorities.”

Victoria Police later told CNN that police spoke to four men after a Russian flag was lowered onto the steps of the grounds at 10:20pm local time in Melbourne on Wednesday. All four men were ejected, a police spokesman told CNN.

The video has been posted on social media A man is seen holding a flag bearing the face of Russian President Vladimir Putin from tennis journalist Tumani Karyol. It is unknown if the people shown in the video were any of the four who were evicted.

Photographs shot by Getty Images show a man wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with the letter “Z” as he looks during Wednesday’s men’s singles quarterfinal match between Russia’s Andrey Rublev and Serbia’s Novak Djokovic at Rod Laver Arena. was in

Tennis Australia did not say whether the man in the photos was one of the four people questioned by police, and a police spokesman told CNN that he had not seen the images of the men involved. It was unclear when the man was first seen wearing the shirt. In another photo, the same man is seen wearing a different shirt.

The“Z” symbol Seen as a sign of support for Russia, including its invasion of Ukraine. The symbol has been seen on Russian equipment and clothing in Ukraine.

Tennis Australia previously said fans would not be allowed to bring Russian or Belarusian flags to the site of the Australian Open to enforce its “neutral flag” policy.

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