Houston the pick over Royals


Not sure what’s going on with those two “1,000-year-old alien mummies” presented to the Mexican Congress this week.

But you can be sure they will be crossing the border and getting off a bus at the Port Authority here in New York any day now.

Attention Kathleen Corradi, New York City Rat Czar.

There is a 200-pounder roaming around the ESPN studio they’ve nicknamed A-Rod.

Astros and Royals are in K.C.

I believe this is known as reaching for the low-hanging fruit.

Cristian Javier
USA TODAY Sports via Reuters Con

Always dangerous, especially when you consider Houston’s Cristian Javier has surrendered 18 runs over his past 24 innings.

The Royals Zack Greinke has appeared in 26 games this year and has just one win.

That speaks volumes.

Betting on Baseball?

Play $50 on the Astros.

The Rays are one game back of the Orioles after beating the Birds, 4-3.

Luke Raley’s seventh-inning homer was the game winner.

Down -908 donbufords.

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