Hunter College freakout proves left loves violence and hates speech


The new doctrine of the American Left is: The speech I don’t like is violence; violence i like speech

For proof look no further than Hunter College assistant Shailene Rodriguez, who grabbed Post reporter Reuven Fenton by the neck Tuesday when he dared her to comment. First Attack on a student life-information table.

“Get away from my door or I’ll cut you with this knife,” the 46-year-old academic shouted, before chasing Post photographer Robert Miller down the street.

It follows him First A hunter melting into the hallway.

As the now-viral video shows, on May 2 he saw some leaflets he didn’t like and told the students behind the desk, “This is violent. You are triggering my students” Then threw the literature from their performance.

she is Which is educating our children (and on the public dime, to boot).

Real lunatics who absurdly proclaim words to be violence while making excuses for actual violence they themselves commit, including deadly physical threats.

Hunter College assistant professor Shailene Rodriguez, 46, held a knife to Post reporter Reuven Fenton’s neck Tuesday when he sought comment about her earlier attack at a student pro-life information table.
Robert Miller for the NY Post

No dialogue.

No exchange of ideas.

simply: You, I’m going to destroy your table.

It followed on Tuesday, literally: Ask me questions and my flesh goes down your throat.

The school’s far-left faculty union, the Professional Staff Congress, supported by This maniac, insisting: “His actions to close the table were completely justified.”

She is “part of a long CUNY legacy of activists” who counter “misinformation,” promotes the PSC.

By bullying children?

Shailene Rodriguez chased a Post reporter while wielding a large machete
“Get the f—k away from my door or I’m going to cut you with this knife,” Rodriguez yelled.
Robert Miller

We look forward to hearing what the PSC has to say about Chalbaaz.

A long legacy of facing the press?

CUNY once produced Nobel-winning physicists, Supreme Court justices and Oscar-worthy screenwriters while providing enormous economic and social mobility to generations of New Yorkers.

What a long way to fall.

Rodriguez & Co. is destroying that legacy — and the ideas that once mattered to higher education in America.

Now that’s motivation or otherwise, in CUNY and much (most?) US academia.

Colleges teach kids that controversial ideas can actually hurt them and that violence is justified in response.

That free speech — vital to learning — should be forbidden.

The damage it does to American students is immeasurable: more than 80%, per a survey by the speech-rights outfit FIRE, self-censor while in college.

Not to mention how stressed it is Everything Trauma causes obvious damage to mental health (Exhibit 1: Shailene Rodriguez).

Don’t just write off Rodriguez as a loon, because Hunter apparently fired him: again, the professors’ union. With enthusiasm supported his campus bullying.

At a minimum, Hunter should mandate a semester-long remedial course on free speech for the entire faculty.

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