I am not your human shield, and it’s not anti-Asian to criticize Beijing’s dangerous regime


More and more people are realizing that the People’s Republic of China is no friend of America.

Many Americans first became suspicious of China’s self-proclaimed “Wuhan Virus”; Cloaking the Wuhan lab’s function research in a conspiracy of silence only deepens mistrust.

Others took the account quietly at first, when fentanyl overdose, now the leading cause of death for Americans ages 18 to 49, hit close to home.

A spectacular flurry of one spy balloon after another on US military installations, coupled with vague denials and contradictory accusations of aggression, tipped the scales for more.

Include China’s secret police operations in the US, China’s push to displace the dollar as the world’s reserve currency, China’s unprovoked and aggressive militarization on land, sea, air and space, TikTok’s fury on our youth, And you find grounds for hatred against it. china

Even dictatorships hate negative press.

The soft image China had cultivated over the years with the tried-and-true technique of corrupting your enemy was shattered by the breadth, speed and aggressiveness of President Xi Jinping’s offensive against the US.

Researchers working at the Wuhan Institute of Virology are where some believe the Covid-19 virus originated.
AP, Chinatopics by file

Hence the new human-shield trick.

China’s human-shield script is simple: You dare not criticize China, or you incite “anti-Asian hatred.”

Don’t you dare question the acquisition of strategic assets in the US by China or Chinese-American fronts, or do you incite “anti-Asian hatred”.

To drive the point home, Chinese-American protesters suddenly emerge when measures are taken to counter China, such as Florida’s SB264 — and their posters demand: “Stop the anti-Asian hate!”

This is sheer nonsense. America’s national interest requires Never Such blackmail should be taken hostage.

And for all the reasons above, Xi Jinping’s China is a national threat.

Americans trace ancestry to foreign lands, yet when the national interest requires it, America has legitimately confronted and even waged war against those foreign states.

During World War II, Americans of German, Italian, and Japanese descent served patriotically in the armed forces and impressed America with their unparalleled bravery.

General Dwight Eisenhower, America’s supreme commander in Europe, himself had German ancestry.

Yes, Japanese-American internment, as well as smaller-scale German-American and Italian-American internment, was problematic and is now widely condemned.

America got better.

There will always be individual extremists, but during the Korean and Vietnam wars, there were no internment or widespread attacks against Americans of Korean and Vietnamese descent.

The same with Russian Americans during the Cold War.

A Chinese spy balloon was caught flying over the US in February.
A Chinese spy balloon was caught flying over the US in February.
REUTERS/Randall Hill/File Photo/File Photo

Yes, America can tell the difference between China’s rule and rule American Of Chinese origin.

When Chinese-linked interests buy farms near US military bases — which the Florida bill prohibits — the resulting debate is not racist against Chinese Americans.

This is an urgent national-interest debate.

Nor do the facts of actual attacks against Asian Americans support China’s narrative.

Street robbers, store robbers, subway thugs, drug addicts and the mentally ill, who make up the vast majority of those who attack Asian Americans, geopolitical patriots concerned about China’s construction of military artificial islands in disputed seas. are not

Finally, many Chinese Americans came to the United States after Tiananmen Square, knowing firsthand Mao’s Cultural Revolution and deeply appreciating the freedom America promised.

They, along with independence enthusiasts in Taiwan and Hong Kong, are among China’s fiercest critics.

To vilify these Asians with “anti-Asian hatred”? provocative

Countering China’s threats against US national interests should Being two-sided

But Democrats, all leaning or far left, can’t get past China’s blackmail because it’s the familiar race card Democrats play to protect their agendas.

Virginia Democrats, for example, recently rejected a proposal for schools to educate the 100 million people killed by the communist regime.

Democrats argued that since most communist regimes were Asian, teaching the evils of communism would encourage anti-Asian hatred.

It is precisely using Asian Americans as human shields for the Democrats’ real agenda to continue indoctrinating students into the greatness of socialism.

China discovered a trick that the Democrats themselves use and therefore cannot call.

To both China and the Democrats: Stop using Asian Americans as human shields for your agenda.

To fellow Asian Americans: Refuse to be a human shield for China or the Democrats their The race-card trick.

Both hurt America. No one should have, or use, a human shield.

Wai Wah Chin is the founding president of the Chinese American Citizens Alliance of Greater New York.

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