India helped Sri Lanka more than any other country during economic crisis Lankan Foreign Minister Ali Sabry


Image Source: File Photo Sri Lankan Foreign Minister Ali Sabri

Sri Lankan Foreign Minister Ali Sabri has praised India, saying that New Delhi has helped them more than any other country, especially when it was going through its worst economic crisis.

Speaking during the Raisina Dialogue ‘Ideas Pod’, Sabri said that not only the Indian government has come forward with bold decisions but the Indian people have also come forward to support Sri Lanka.

Sabri said, “Your true friends are tested when bad times come. India stands by us, a friend in need and a friend they say. So we are very grateful to India, for what she has done for us. Yes,” Sabri said.

The Sri Lankan Foreign Minister added that India took bold decisions to help them and provided bilateral loans and recognition of around 3.9 billion.

Sabri said that India’s intervention to save Sri Lanka was greater and earlier than that of other countries.

Meanwhile, the IMF board is scheduled to meet on March 20 for possible approval of a USD 2.9 billion bailout for debt-ridden Sri Lanka.

“Sri Lanka has now received financial assurances from all major bilateral lenders. This paves the way for the IMF’s board to consider on March 20 the approval of the staff-level agreement for financing under the Extended Fund Facility on September 1, 2022.

“This arrangement will support the authorities’ ambitious reform program, which they have already embarked on, which will help Sri Lanka recover from the current crisis and set it on a path of strong and inclusive growth,” it said. It has been said

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