Iran schoolgirls poisoning: President Raisi claims poisonings students part of enemy’s hybrid war


Image source: AP/PIXABAY President of Iran Ibrahim Raisi

Iranian schoolgirls poisoned Amid shocking incidents of poisoning of Iranian schoolgirls, President Ibrahim Raisi on Friday reacted to the incidents and claimed some “enemies” were behind the act. According to a report by Iran’s state news network, Press TV, the president discovered that “enemies” had launched a “hybrid war” against his country.

However, Raisi did not mention the “enemies” he accused of working against the students.

Notably, his critical remarks came after several state and international media outlets reported on the sudden collapse of students, especially girls, in Qom. Earlier last week, Iran’s deputy minister claimed that “some unknown people are doing it “deliberately” to close educational institutions for girls.”

“As a part of a psychological war, ‘the enemy is trying to create tension and anxiety among students and parents so that an atmosphere of chaos prevails. One day, the enemy riots on the streets and the next day they try to create problems in the area. And schools because, despite all the plots, people across the country rose to the occasion and defeated the enemy on February 11,” Raj-news outlet quoted the President as saying. Further, Raisi said he has tasked his intelligence and interior ministers to follow up on the issue as soon as possible and make their findings public.

No arrests

Although this has been happening for the past four months, the deputy health minister, Younes Panahi, acknowledged it for the first time on Sunday. “After several students were poisoned in com schools, it was found that some people wanted all schools, especially girls’ schools, to be closed,” state media quoted the minister as saying. The minister neither elaborated on the details nor confirmed whether the investigating agencies have arrested anyone in connection with the cases.

The matter turned serious when some parents protested outside the school and demanded an explanation from the school as well as the investigating authorities. Although government spokesman Ali Bahaduri Jahromi insisted that the intelligence and education ministries were trying to get to the motives behind such actions, no follow-up was provided by the authorities so far.

Iran’s brutality against women

Concern over women’s dignity comes as the country is seething after the “death in custody” of Mahsa Amini, also known as Gina Amini, a 22-year-old Iranian woman. Initially, she was detained by the morality police for not wearing the black scarf (hijab) properly in public. A day after her arrest, she was admitted to a hospital, where Iranian police claimed the woman suffered a heart attack. However, later, several local media reported that the autopsy description claimed that he died of multiple fractures. This led to massive uproar against the current government, where protesters began calling for the death of their own president, Ibrahim Raisi. So far, the human rights watchdog group claims that nearly 500 people have been killed and another 18,200 detained by authorities in the past three months.

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