Jenna Bush Hager mortified after calling husband ‘daddy’ on ‘Today’


Well, that escalated quickly.

Jenna Bush Hager suffered a sexy blunder Monday on “Today with Hoda & Jenna” show when referring to her husband, Henry Chase Hager.

While telling co-host Hoda Kotb, 59, about her weekend, Bush Hager, 41, said, “We went to see ‘Trolls [Band Together]’ this weekend.

“3D glasses, the music’s awesome, there are a lot of adult references, so if you want to go and enjoy… The kids will love it.”

She continued that her son, Hal, 4, was so inspired by the film that he “wants to be baby Diamond and have Daddy be – first of all, I just called my husband ‘daddy’ on television,” Bush Hager stopped herself, while Kotb burst into laughter.

“Namaste,” Kotb finally managed to say. “Isn’t it weird if all the things you said in your own house, you said out loud? People would think you are crazy.”

Jenna Bush Hager and her husband, Henry Chase Hager, have three kids.

Bush Hager felt she needed to punish herself for the public slip-up.

“I just called my husband, ‘Daddy,’” she said. “Is there like a corner I can go sit in for a few minutes?”

Bush Hager and Hager married in 2008 and have three kids: Their brood comprises, in addition to Hal, daughters Poppy, 8, and Mila, 10.

Jenna Bush Hager accidentally calls husband Henry ‘daddy’ on ‘Today’ show
The family enjoyed the new “Trolls Band Together” movie together over the weekend

Earlier this month, Bush Hager explained why she takes her kids calling her by her first name as a compliment.

“In fact, when we FaceTimed [my son] Hal from our book tour, he goes, ‘Hello, Jenna! Hello, Jenna!’

“Which I take as a compliment because it is my name,” she added.

“Trolls Band Together” marks a rare reunion for *NSYNC, and the first time the band has released a song in over 20 years, the new tune “Better Place.”

Last month, trolls called out Kotb and Bush Hager’s in-house stylist for choosing outfits better suited to “high school girls” than to high-profile talk show hosts.

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