John Legend says wife Chrissy jealous of his India trip; to return with family


Grammy Award winner John Legend, who came to India for a concert on March 4 and 5, has performed with the rapper. Raja Kumari During the musical tour.

The duo penned the song ‘Keep Walking’ late last year but presented it to the Indian audience for the first time.

John flew to India on a brief trip for the gig but left his wife Chrissy Teigen jealous of the trip.

She told IANS that she too wants to return to India with her family soon.

“In the age of the Internet, while the art of music is more defined and clear than ever, the soul seems to be largely missing from our music,” John said, “that’s because the songs that are made for it. People has been designed keeping in mind all aspects of social media to make it commercially viable.”

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John performed alongside Raja Kumari as part of the Walkers & Co Tour – a platform that celebrates those who push bold boundaries through communities, co-creations, and collaborations that drive the message of ‘Keep Walking’.

“…I think there’s still a lot of beautiful, soulful music being made. But sometimes, songs need to go ‘viral’ on social media to be successful. And not necessarily the things that “What goes viral is what makes them good music. But I still believe that people want to hear good music and will find it,” he said.

Asked how his touring schedule looks for this year, John said: “I’ll be playing solo for most of this year. Having just released my solo piano version of ‘LEGEND,’ I The Farm loves playing music at its simplest, most intimate. It allows me to connect more deeply with my listeners and I love sharing my life and my stories with them.”

As far as he goes, John Said it’s his music that fuels his passion. “I love making music. I love writing, producing and performing. I always strive for excellence and creative growth. I always want my next project to be my best project. This is what keeps me ‘Keep Walking.’ Will keep motivated,” he said.

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