Letters to the Editor — March 4, 2023


Issue: The city is agreeing to pay $6 million to those detained during the 2020 protests.

If Judge Colleen McMahon approves the settlement proposal, New Yorkers will have to pay $21,500 to the instigators of their anti-police protests (“Money to Burn,” March 2).

The city is already facing mounting debt; Paying $21,500 to those knucklehead protestors is insane.

New Yorkers faced rising crime, mobile justice, skyrocketing inflation, unfettered immigration, high fuel prices, and poor schools.

And now we can make Floyd protesters pay for the destruction they caused.

This is another nail in the city’s coffin. Another reason for law-abiding citizens to flee New York.

Joseph Valente

Staten Island

Another mind numbing decision by our so called leaders to pay law breakers to break the law.

I’m not sure what the end game is for the hardcore left in this city, but my family and I won’t be around to see it.

I was very proud to be a New Yorker; Now it’s just a shame.

Michael J. Campisi

Massapequa Park

When it comes to rewarding crooks for outlandish criminal behavior, the absurdities being peddled by New York City are on the rise.

These people distributed flyers that depicted a burning NYPD van with the inscription “f – – – – police”. After a week of protests and looting, this could reasonably be construed as rioting.

Yet it was decided that temporarily limiting the movement of a large unruly gathering of protesters was worth spending $6 million in taxpayer money to appease these hated losers.

I propose that instead, $6 million be allocated for hazard pay to the brave, under-appreciated, admired members of the NYPD.

Dennis David

East Rockaway

My wife has been wanting to leave New York for a long time. I’m putting it off because we have nine grandchildren here.

But the payoff is just the latest mind-boggling, ridiculous thing going on in New York, with no bail and the district attorney’s failure to prosecute repeat offenders who are destroying the quality of life in New York.

Harry Yasso

East Mauritius

I want to thank the Post for its balanced coverage of the city’s decision to give $6 million to protesters detained during protests after the killing of George Floyd.

We should all be paying attention to former NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea’s defense of the police because — as he pointed out — police officers seized hammers, lighter fluid, gas masks and fireworks during arrests made at the time.

This in itself proves that not everyone who participated in these events were peaceful protesters.

The leaders of the Black Lives Matter movement really need to condemn the violent individuals who had these weapons. At the same time, Republican Party leaders should condemn their far-right supporters who were involved in the January 6 terrorist uprising.

We should not make excuses for extremists on any side.

John Francis Fox


New York City will likely pay $6 million to 300 people arrested by the NYPD during the 2020 George Floyd protests.

It was decided that the NYPD also dealt roughly with the protesters. Yet in the meantime protesters ignored Covid restrictions and curfews, and some damaged businesses and vandalized police vehicles.

No assistance is provided to the NYPD in any way. And you wonder why people are leaving town and so many police officers are putting in their papers?

Joseph Compercio


I find it unbelievable that New York City is going to pay this group-whatever-you-call-them. In this case, crime pays.

Christopher Barbaro

Ludlow, Mass.

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