Letters to the Editor — March 7, 2023


At issue: The Post reports that New York City is costing taxpayers $4.6 million to provide for immigrants.

The Post reports that New York City is paying $4.6 million a day to house illegal immigrants sent to New York from the southern border (“$4.6 million a day,” March 4).

This statistic is staggering, and urgent intervention is needed before it collapses.

Our state legislators and president are fully responsible for today’s crisis. This was due to their implementation of a radical, narrow-minded agenda.

As if the economic crisis isn’t bad enough, we’re in the midst of a crime wave, increased homelessness, increased gun violence and a failing public school system—to name a few.

I am confident that $32 million per week could help ease the suffering of many Americans affected by these crises.

JP Norris


It’s getting crazy. $4.6 million per day comes to over $1.6 billion per year.

Imagine what that kind of money could do for the homeless in New York. Imagine that money going to New York’s infrastructure.

Biden is responsible for this. His open-border policy is bringing this country to its knees.

Charlie Hondel

Venice, Fla.

I can barely think or write straight – $4.6 million a day to house and feed illegal immigrants. There are thousands of homeless Americans sleeping on park benches, many of them veterans, and we give these illegal immigrants free hotel rooms and three quarters a day — and don’t forget free medical care.

It is very disgusting and unreal. I wish I could afford to retire and move elsewhere. America is no longer great.

Pete Sulizky

Milford, Conn.

This is another reason to escape the greatest city in the world.

Liberal New York City and New York State are rapidly decaying. Now we see that $4.6 million a day of taxpayer money is going to feed and house 30,000 illegal immigrants living better than New York’s poor and homeless veterans.

It’s time for the failed mayor and governor to go to the White House and tell Biden to cease and desist from his open-borders policies, or he’ll lose New York’s bleeding-heart liberal voters as well.

Instead of asking for money, tell Biden that New York’s borders are closed to undocumented illegal immigrants.

JR Cummings


Issue: Rap. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s late or non-payment of many of her expenses for the Met Gala.

So rap. The dress Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wore to the Met Gala should have said: “Tax the rich, but I don’t have to pay” (“AOC: Tax the Rich [But Stiff The Help](Nicole Gelins, March 6).

Does it really surprise anyone that the AOC is the poster child for political hypocrisy? I want his constituents to wake up.

Amy Handel


It’s always difficult to feel like you’ve been played for a fool and your statue has feet of clay – however beautifully retouched in designer shoes.

Perhaps the A.O.C. The sign of hypocrisy can now be accepted even by those who support this deceiver.

From her crocodile tears at the border (but only when she knew the camera was pointing her way) to her disgusting elitist attitude towards the little people in this Met Gala scandal, she exemplifies a true communist wannabe.

Politicians promoting socialism are not interested in helping you. They will live like kings, and you will live like paupers.

Sharon Wylie

Westport, Conn.

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