Letters to the Editor — March 8, 2023


At issue: Screenshots of anti-white messages allegedly sent by DOE Superintendent Marion Wilson.

If these allegations are proven true, this ignorant, racist buffoon should be put out to pasture (“White Wine,” March 5).

If, on the other hand, it turns out to be a dirty campaign, then those responsible should be fined accordingly.

New York City schools are finding it difficult to educate our children and they don’t need racist administrators complicating things. Another reason to leave New York City.

Jerry Chipetta


Staten Island Superintendent Marion Wilson’s alleged hateful behavior and signs of bias before she was hired.

The biggest question is: How are the pessimists in positions of power over children?

We need more charter schools, where education promotes agendas and personal vendettas.

Catherine Donnelly

the queens

If it’s not the rubber room or poor performance on tests, it’s something else. Now, this is a superintendent accused of showing utter contempt for whites and threats.

Who appointed this person? I’m sure there are plenty of perfectly qualified people out there who don’t see color but want the best for the kids.

Lee Fleishman

Stamford, Conn.

It will be interesting to see what action the Department of Education takes against Wilson if the writings attributed to Wilson are indeed his.

If she had been a white superintendent, she would have been suspended and dismissed pending an investigation. His career as an educator would end, and protesters would surround his home. However, this is unlikely to happen.

We can expect many more examples of anti-white racism in the coming years, as long as progressive leftists control city politics.

Robert asked


Marion Wilson needs to be suspended immediately pending an investigation into workplace racism.

I’m tired of the double standards. If it were the other way around, and the superintendent was white, there would be a call for immediate firing.

Lance Lovejoy


Issue: A grocery store was damaged and seven people injured when an e-bike caught fire on Sunday.

The best thing Fire Commissioner Laura Kavanagh can do is convince Mayor Adams and the City Council to ban e-bikes and their lithium-ion batteries from New York City until they are proven safe (“E -bike fire guts Bx. store,” March 6)

How many people have to die or buildings burn unless something is done? That, Kavanagh, is what you should be doing: saving lives, not advancing your political career.

Kenny Knapp

the bronx

E-bikes are a danger to pedestrians on sidewalks, especially when they ignore the rules of the road in traffic and bike lanes.

Forget the warnings about battery charging and selling cheap replacement batteries, because they will never stop.

E-bikes need to be banned from our roads completely, and users need to go back to pedalling.

Susan Foreman


Another fire in the city as a result of a lithium-ion battery. It opened a supermarket in the Bronx.

The city was in such a rush to “go green” with e-bikes and e-scooters and shove this green agenda down everyone’s throats. Yet once again, these apocalypses pose a major problem.

And, of course, no one will admit that he was wrong and needs more time to find these batteries.

Rob Cerrone, Manhattan

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