Listing for apartment with all-glass walls roasted online


A rental ad for a two-bedroom apartment in New Zealand has caused an uproar after a strange but obvious flaw was spotted.

The property, advertised for $1,816 in a modern block in Kilburnie, a suburb of Wellington, New Zealand, would have no privacy, with a wall in each bedroom made of glass.

This will mean that anyone in the lounge room or those cooking dinner in the open-plan kitchen just off the rooms will be able to see them.

“Why the f–k would you have glass bedroom walls that look into the kitchen – unless you’re some kind of clothing-optional family?” asked a Reddit user after seeing the photo online.

“Some people like dinner and a show,” joked another.

A two-bedroom apartment caused an uproar as both bedrooms were made of glass.
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While another angrily commented: “They look like glass prison cells. The people who design these things don’t really give a damn anymore.

“Show it to your parents and ask if they would have paid seven times their salary for an apartment mockup when they were younger.”

Ironically, the Reddit post was originally put up because a potential tenant was questioning the lack of windows in the bedroom.

“Is it legal?” asked the poster.

A two-bedroom apartment caused an uproar as both bedrooms were made of glass.
In a Reddit post, users debated the pros and cons of having a bedroom with glass walls.
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“The tenancy laws seem pretty clear that all bedrooms must have windows that open outwards.

“Is it a drawback because the front of the bedroom is glass?”

No one gave a clear answer to the question and, instead, the post took on a life of its own, as users of the platform debated the pros – and mainly the cons – of a bedroom with a glass wall.

“Ah, sweet man-made horrors beyond comprehension,” said one.

“Is this the swinger lounge?” asked the other.

One said: “I saw it and was like how can anyone live there? Not worth the price. “

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