Neville Roy Singham and Jodie Evans fund Gen Z protest TV


One of the claims made by the American left is that the various causes it launches violent protests for — George Floyd in 2020; Hamas now — are organic upwellings of a popular will bubbling away beneath the surface. 

That could not be further from the truth. 

Witness the ugly story of Neville Roy Singham and his wife Jodie Evans. 

This duo, with tens of millions amassed from the tech industry, has been pouring big bucks into funding various pro-terror protests via the People’s Forum.

That’s the leftist think tank Singham funds with his cashout from the sale of a software consulting firm to a private equity shop — i.e., in the best Marxist tradition, this red-diaper baby built a fortune on expropriated labor. 

The protests they helped fund include the one in Times Square on Oct. 8, before Israel had time to mourn its innocent dead. 

So when the Hamas propagandists scream and shout that they speak for the people, remember who’s paying them.

Just as we must remember the buckets of corporate cash that went to fund Black Lives Matter. 

There are other ugly echoes of the George Floyd riots as well. 

Namely, that these protests — bought and paid for by rich and powerful people like Singham as they are — have become charged political entertainment for Gen Z. 

The young people screaming through the streets have no grasp of history or geopolitics; they’ve been denied a real education by ideologists in their high school and colleges. 

As we’ve seen again and again over the past decade, they can be rallied behind any cause no matter how specious or silly.

Men must be allowed in women’s locker rooms! Fire that power-company worker because we think he’s racist! 

Many would be hard pressed to find Israel on a map, we suspect.  

No: The protests are filled with energy and the promise of possible violence and other transgressions — a participatory spectacle. 

They’re the place to be, in other words. That’s why kids keep flocking there. 

Until boredom sets in or a new distraction emerges, they’ll keep doing so — and if the city catches fire, they won’t give a damn. 

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