New York plastic surgeon’s viral TikTok video warns of exercise he says causes premature aging


A New York plastic surgeon has warned followers on social media that long-distance running accelerates aging.

in the A viral TikTok videoDr. Gerald Imber states that the high impact nature of running can negatively contribute to the condition of a runner’s skin.

A girls cross country team running on a red track at the start of practice on an early summer evening. (iStock)

“Have you ever seen a long-distance runner who didn’t have an old face?” he asked. “That’s what happens to people who run.”

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Imber explained that running a marathon also puts stress on the body, “your knees go, your ankles go, your back goes.”

“It’s kind of stupid,” he added.

Close up shot of runner's shoes.

Close up shot of runner’s shoes. (iStock)

“Half my patients love me for it, and half my patients hate me for it,” admits the 82-year-old surgeon with a private plastic surgery practice in Manhattan.

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Despite the doctor being conflicted about running, he reiterated that there is nothing wrong with running occasionally.

“It’s perfectly fine to run a little every day or a couple of miles a few times a week, that’s great.” Imber said. “But low impact or no impact is the best way to get your exercise.”

Male runner running mountain trail on cliff edge.

Male runner running mountain trail on cliff edge. (iStock)

The viral video, which has 2.4 million views, has sparked debate among runners and non-runners around the world.

“Personal trainer here,” one commenter wrote in agreement. “I totally agree with you.”

“This,” commented one of the women. “44 with two hip replacements. I used to run 6 miles per day.”

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Others disagreed, writing, “Running keeps me sane and composed.”

“I love running. It’s therapeutic for me and I feel amazing after a good run.” One commenter wrote. “I’m used to the runner’s high. I guess I’ll look old but feel great!”

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