Oregon man accused of killing mom while trying to rob her — cops probe deaths of his sister and her husband 


An Oregon man has been charged with killing his mother while trying to rob her in November — and police are now investigating the deaths of his sister and her husband.

Robin Haythorne, 30, of Monmouth, was taken into custody Friday, Nov. 9, 2022, for the slaying of her mother, Theresa Haythorne, 62, a beloved educator and grandmother of six.

According to court documents, Monmouth police labeled Hathorn a person of interest after the “suspicious” death of his mother during a suspected robbery attempt.

Police also charged Haythorne with stealing his mother’s car and committing identity fraud.

Theresa Haythorne c Allegedly A leader in the community, serving as an English Language Learner teacher and director of immigrant education in the Dallas School District, she has won numerous accolades for her work.

Her daughter, Kali Lou Roque, 37, was serving as representative for her mother’s estate after her murder.

She and her husband Juan Roque-Delagarda, 37, were both found dead inside their Salem, Ore., home on March 30.

Grandma worked as an English Language Learner teacher in the Dallas School District.
Theresa Haythorn / Facebook

Facebook photos of Theresa Haythorne and family
One of Theresa’s sons said the deaths had devastated the family.
Theresa Haythorn / Facebook

The double homicide case remains under investigation, and police have not publicly said whether they are connected to Theresa Haythorne’s murder.

Daniel Haythorne, another of Theresa’s sons, said the deaths have devastated his family, who are calling for Robin Haythorne to be held in prison until the end of the trial.

“I must insist for the safety of my family, friends and community that you do not release Robin from prison before the conclusion of his trial,” Daniels said in a statement read during Friday’s court proceedings.

“Our whole family has been under an incredible amount of stress over the last five months, fearing that Robin would be abandoned and one of us would be harmed. This huge weight around our necks is finally a little lighter with Robin being charged. “

A grand jury on Friday indicted Haythorne on charges of second-degree murder, first-degree burglary, first-degree burglary, and identity theft related to her mother’s death.

In February, Haythorne was convicted in an unrelated case of strangulation and fourth-degree assault for a 2021 attack on a man.

Court documents questioned his mental fitness to proceed with the trial.

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