Paige Spiranac reveals why there’s ‘no nudity’ on OnlyPaige site


Fans will see plenty of Paige Spirnak if they subscribe to his exclusive site, OnlyPage, but the longtime golf influencer draws the line at explicit content.

“No, there is no nudity on OnePage,” Spirnak said on Wednesday’s installment. His “Playing a Round” podcast, In which he answered many questions from fans.

“I think some people get confused because it’s OnlyPaige and it was a dark name to make fun of OnlyFans, because I get asked by people to do OnlyFans all the time and so, I wanted it to be very literal. be There’s no nudity, and that’s intentional.”

Paige Spirnak discussed her new exclusive content site, OnlyPage, on a recent episode of her “Playing a Round” podcast.
Instagram/Page Spirnak

Spirnak, who boasts more than three million fans On InstagramOnlyPaige, launched in January, offers customers access to golf instruction, live streams, Q&As and exclusive photos.

The 29-year-old said on her podcast Wednesday that she believes “exposed nudity and not showing everything is really sexy.”

“I have no problem with implicit nudity. I never want to show those parts of my body and I never will,” she said. “I don’t even think it’s useful for my business goals and how I see my career developing over the next five, 10, 15, 20 years.”

Paige Spirnak has over three million Instagram followers.
Paige Spirnak has over three million Instagram followers.
Instagram/Page Spirnak

Spirnak clarified, however, that his words “are not a knock on anyone who does this.”

“It’s just a personal preference that I never want to do and also because I had such a traumatic experience with the picture that was leaked and it was very difficult for me,” she said.

Spirnak previously opened up about the disturbing ordeal, in which an ex shared an intimate photo of her with others.

Paige Spiranac launched OnlyPaige in January 2023.
Paige Spiranac launched OnlyPaige in January 2023.
Instagram/Page Spirnak

“And so for all these reasons, there’s no nudity, but also that there’s more value on OnePage than just seeing a nipple,” he said, adding that his team “is going to continue to build on that.”

The golf influencer has long been candid on the podcast about his personal and professional ups and downs.

Elsewhere on Wednesday’s episode, Spirnak talked about the end of his professional golf career and the social media segue.

Paige Spiranac revealed in a recent episode of her podcast how her team is going to continue building OnlyPaige.
Paige Spiranac revealed on a recent episode of her podcast how her team is going to continue building OnlyPaige.
Instagram/Page Spirnak

“It’s really hard because I felt like I could do it and there was something that was missing,” she said.

“But instead of sitting and feeling sorry for myself, I picked myself back up and got into my media work. Just my background of grinding, hard work has really helped me in my media career, because I work incredibly hard – and the difference is, the harder I work, the more successful I am. And I think that’s one of the reasons. A more fulfilling journey for me than professional golf… the outcome is positive. “

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