Pat Sajak defends ‘Wheel of Fortune’ contestant after being mocked


Pat Sajak to the rescue!

“Wheel of Fortune” The host jumped to a contestant’s defense after a fellow player mocked her during Friday’s episode.

A woman in the race for the top spot named Alex was playing against Matthew, a forensic psychologist, and Mary Jane, a retired teacher, on April 14.

When Alex guesses an answer wrong in the “Fun and Games” category, Matthew makes a snide comment that causes Sajak to voice out to ease the tension.

The clue read, “MIN_ _ _ _ RE G _ _ _,” with Alex replying, “Mini goat?”

Sajak called the answer wrong, and Matthew guessed the correct answer, which was “miniature golf”.

The forensic psychologist then turned to his fellow contestant, mocking him by saying: “Goats are small!”

Alex started laughing at her answer, joking: “It’s like fun and games, right!?”

That’s when the sage said: “What’s funnier than a little goat?”

Alex was against Matthew and Mary Jane.

A blonde haired female contestant wearing a blue blazer.
Sajak praised her sense of humor on the situation.

“At least you can laugh at yourself,” he added.

Viewers took to Twitter to voice their support for the Santa Monica native.

“Alex is a badass on #WheelOfFortune. I think he should win. One user wrote.

“Little goat LOL,” Another laughed.

“I can’t wait to ride a little goat while eating fried pasta balls,” A fan included.

Sadly, Alex’s good sense of humor didn’t help him win, with Matthew advancing to the bonus round with $25,900 and a trip to Costa Rica.

However, he missed out on a shiny new set of Ford wheels because he couldn’t guess the answer: “Getting my workout done.”

Earlier in the month, Sajak was slammed by fans who accused him of “robbing” a college-age contestant of a $100,000 prize when he answered a question in a bonus round after the buzzer. .

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