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Image Source: India TV Prashant Kishore in search of new ‘Nitish Kumar’, says ‘People of Bihar should get other options for Chief Minister’

India TV Special: Election strategist-turned-activist Prashant Kishore has embarked on a Jansuraj Yatra in his home state of Bihar. Kishore’s March recently completed 150 days during which he traveled across the state to get people to know the ground reality, claiming that Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has failed to live up to expectations. Prashant Kishore, who is known for playing an important role as a strategist in Lok Sabha Elections 2014 and other assembly elections held in various states, has on several occasions targeted Nitish Kumar and his party Janata Dal-United. which he was once a part of. of In an exclusive conversation with India TV’s Sourav Sharma on the show ‘Savkal Te Banta Hai’, Prashant Kishore reveals the thoughts behind his journey and the politics of Bihar.

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During the conversation Kishore revealed that he is not aiming to become a new leader for the people of Bihar. He said, ‘I am not a leader nor do I want to be one in the future.’ He further clarified the idea behind calling the trip ‘Jansuraj Yatra’. He explained. This trip is not a campaign against any party or person. This trip is being undertaken to bring about positive and necessary changes in Bihar, to tackle unemployment and overcome its backwardness.’ Kishore further claimed that this trip is being taken out to create awareness among the people of Bihar.

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Highlighting his ‘Jansuraj Yatra’, he accused Nitish Kumar of being delusional and claimed that he (Nitish Kumar) has lost his credibility as an administrator. “His innings as a political leader is coming to an end, his party (JD-U) is almost finished. Kishore said that his alliance with the Rashtriya Janata Dal is a mismatch, everyone knows how comfortable or uncomfortable Nitish Kumar is with the Rashtriya Janata Dal.

Meanwhile, during the conversation, Prashant Kishore said that today the people of Bihar are demanding change and through this journey they are looking for an alternative to the existing parties. “Changes are necessary for the political system that has been in existence for the past several years. They (people of Bihar) want an alternative to the existing political parties and Jansuraj is a medium for that.’

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