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Image source: @INCINDIA Congress leader Rahul Gandhi during a diaspora event in London

Rahul Gandhi in London Congress leader Rahul Gandhi while addressing the Indian expatriates in London on Sunday criticized the Centre, saying that the Modi government does not allow any idea of ​​the opposition to be discussed. He touched on various issues like India’s economy, importance of Bharat Joko Yatra, how the opposition is fighting the Centre. Earlier today, Rahul Gandhi spoke on various issues including India-China relations, BBC raids, Adani Group and others during an interaction with the Indian Journalists Association in the UK. On India-China tension, Rahul Gandhi made a statement saying that India’s External Affairs Minister (EAM) S Jaishankar does not understand the ‘China threat’ while PM Modi denies that anyone in our region has not entered

  • It is strange that an Indian political leader can give a speech in Cambridge, Harvard but not in any Indian university. The government does not allow any opinion of the opposition to be discussed. This is not the India we are all used to.
  • One or two business people control each business. He has recently become famous, you can see reports about his wealth.
  • This is at the cost of Indian people. Rahul Gandhi while addressing the Indian expatriates said that one person is earning all the money because of his political connections.
  • On the Bharat Joko Yatra, Rahul said that throughout the journey, my role was to make everyone who marched with us feel at home. We did not want a political relationship with them, we have created an emotional bond with everyone.
  • When there is no competition in the country and one person is making all the money because of his political connections, the strength and energy of the country is wasted.

Speaking on the recent BBC raids in India during a conversation with the Indian Journalists Association, Rahul Gandhi called it a suppression of voice and said that in Prime Minister Modi’s new India, he wants everyone to be silent.

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