Rahul Gandhi on BBC raids in London says Suppression of voice Modi govt wants to silence everyone


Image Source: PTI Congress leader Rahul Gandhi speaking to the Indian Journalists Association in London.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has termed the recent raids on BBC offices in India as ‘suppressing the voice’ and criticized the Modi government, saying the BJP wants to ‘silence’ the country under its ‘new idea India’. is

The Congress leader was speaking at an event organized by the Indian Journalists Association in London.

“You know everywhere there is protest, there is some pretext. You asked why we did the yatra, what was the idea behind the yatra. The idea behind the yatra was to express the voice. And suppress the voice across the country. The example is the BBC, but the BBC is only one element of it,” said Rahul Gandhi.

Speaking on the Centre’s allegation of ‘colonial hangover’, Rahul Gandhi said, “It is the same as Shri Adani, it is also a colonial hangover.”

Speaking further on a BBC documentary, Rahul Gandhi said that if they (BBC) stop writing against the government, everything will be back to normal, all the cases will disappear, and everything will be back to normal.

He said that this is a new idea of ​​India, the government wants everyone to remain silent.

Criticizing the former Congress president for maligning the country abroad, the BJP said Rahul Gandhi’s lack of brilliance does not mean India is not.

The saffron party further said that the Congress leaders are making such accusations against the country which even Pakistan would not dare to do.

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