Rain of worms in China


Citizens of Liaoning were told to seek shelter when it looked like it was about to start raining insects. A viral clip showed the area apparently being showered with tiny bugs, which were scattered all over the cars. The cause of the slimy creature’s demise is not yet known, but it has been suggested that the animals were blown down by strong winds.

This type of phenomenon occurs after a storm when insects are caught in a vortex. Another theory suggested that the insects were actually poplar flowers – a tulip tree whose blossoms resemble squirmy animals.

Onlookers were shocked by the city’s current problem, with one man saying: “These are not insects or animals, but flower stalks that have fallen from the trees.” Another claimed the video was fake and looked like a prank. “Strange phenomena,” one user added, with another weighing in. “If I was minding my own business on a normal day in China and it started raining insects?? I’d just die.”

Does the punishment fit the crime?

The internet is divided over this father’s disciplinary actions

A Chinese boy was caught playing video games on his phone after midnight, despite knowing he had to get up for school the next morning. When his father found out, he wanted to teach the boy a lesson. Instead of scolding him she tells him that he can play on his phone instead of sleeping, and even take a day off from school for it. The young boy reportedly enjoyed his unusual punishment at first, continuing to play until about 7 p.m. It was only then that he started to fall asleep, but when the child switched off the phone and tried to sleep, his father did not let him go. At 6.30pm, after nearly 17 hours of play, the boy begged his father to let him sleep, promising that he would never play on his phone behind his parents’ backs. He even agreed to put his promise in writing, to make it official. The video was posted by the father on a Chinese social media site.

The weirdest robbery ever!

A Utah man robbed a bank for $1 only to be arrested and thrown in federal prison. 65-year-old Donald Santacroce walked into a local bank and demanded $1. The teller took it as a joke and asked him to leave. He was then told that the bank had just been robbed and that they should call the police. Santacroce then sat in the bank lobby and waited to be arrested. After a while the police came and arrested him not knowing about the plan.

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