Rajnath Singh, Navy Chief and other commanders to discuss future warfare onboard INS Vikrant on March 6 | latest updates


Image Source: India TV Rajnath Singh, Navy chief and other commanders to discuss future warfare of INS Vikrant tomorrow

Naval Commanders Conference: Defense Minister Rajnath Singh, Naval Chief and more than 20 commanders of the Indian Navy will discuss the future of warfare from operations to logistics of the Agneepath scheme aboard the indigenous aircraft carrier INS Vikrant. The presence of Chinese ships in South China Sea and Indian Ocean is increasing day by day. The Navy chief assured that he is monitoring the situation. The current concern is Indian Navy, dominance, operational capability, increasing logistics as well and show of force under Make in India.

More than 20 naval commanders including the commander of Andaman Nicobar have participated in this conference. Defense Minister Rajnath Singh will address the first session on March 6 at 10 am. The decision to hold the conference on INS Vikrant has been taken in view of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s long-distance view that the commanders’ conference should not be limited to Delhi only. It should go to another functional area. Earlier in 2015, the Naval Commanders’ Conference was held at INS Vikramaditya. After six months of induction, it is time for INS Vikrant.

All senior officers along with Defense Minister Rajnath Singh will board an aircraft carrier in Goa on March 6 to attend the bi-annual Naval Commanders’ Conference. The opening day of the five-day summit will be at sea. This time the main focus of discussion is the Agnipath scheme and the woman in Agnipath who is also called Agniveer. Besides, the discussion at the conference will cover issues related to operations, combat readiness, logistics, training, human resource development, partnerships and training.

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Image Source: India TVRajnath Singh, Navy chief and other commanders to discuss future warfare of INS Vikrant tomorrow

Developments in the Indian Ocean region, where China seeks to expand its presence, are also likely to be discussed, as such summits rarely take place on warships. In December 2015, Prime Minister Narendra Modi chaired a joint commanders’ meeting on India’s second aircraft carrier, INS Vikramaditya, off the Kochi coast. It was the first time that a joint commanders’ conference, involving senior officials from all three services, was held on an aircraft carrier. Modi has been in favor of holding important events outside the national capital.

INS Vikrant has its own strategic importance hence for DRDO and others trying to take off and landing with their fighter jets including light fighters, Tejas Marine version with this Russian origin, MiG 29 Cond also INS Successfully landed and took off on Vikrant. So now there is a battle for the Navy to get more fighter jets so there is a long competition and a big competition between the French Rafale Marine Virgin and the F18 Super Hornet. This modernization and making in India will also be part of the discussion at the Commanders’ Conference.

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