Restaurant server job posting goes viral for ‘insane’ list of requirements


A restaurant job posting looking for a new server has long gone viral, very much Special menu of needs.

“This is the craziest ad for a server at a restaurant I’ve ever seen and it made my day,” TikTok user Abbey began the video.

She then goes on to explain how the posting starts out as “casual”, describing it as a “fun, fast-paced unique bar restaurant”, looking for someone who is “cool on the job” and ” will be calm in fast. environment.”

But the Craigslist ad quickly turns into a rant-like list of weird and very specific reasons a person shouldn’t apply.

“Please do not apply if you have no sense of humor or cannot handle effective sarcasm, have no alarm clock, do not sleep much, have a cellphone battery that constantly prevents you from contacting us. ,” the long list begins.

The unnamed restaurant also wants to avoid people who “have to give friends rides to work after we start, call in sick with an excuse because you partied too much the night before your shift, every week. Experience flat tires and suddenly become deathly ill.At Coachella and Splash House weekend.

The ad sternly warns “If you want to score social points with a lovely patron by serving food and drinks on our dime with our inventory then you can’t stay.”

It continues to gain ground, as job postings advise people to “don’t apply if you need nights off because your grandmother poisoned you with her ham again or your band missed a gig.” is and you need the weekend off because your favorite roller derby team made it. to the finals.”

The Craigslist ad provided an extensive list of unacceptable reasons for missing work, including “because your grandmother poisoned you with her ham again” and “you woke up in a good mood and didn’t want to ruin it.”

The hiring manager lists other unacceptable reasons to call, including claiming “it’s ski season, you accidentally got on a plane to Vegas, you haven’t surfed in a while” or “you Have a headache after going too. Too many garage sales.”

Applicants cannot skip a shift just because “you woke up in a good mood and didn’t want to ruin it, you’ve been at the casino all night and you still have money to play with, you ordered takeout that’s late. and you have to be home to accept/pay it, you’ve accidentally locked yourself in the house and there’s no window to get out or if you’re a few weeks before you go on your ‘European holiday’ want to work

Along with the extensive list of unacceptable excuses, the posting also requests that people “please come clean if you have ‘trauma-drama’ syndrome, big egos, angry inner, reactive and bad attitudes and people to accept this fact. Unable to do the work you paid for.”

Reading Abbey’s humorous Craigslist ad has garnered over 2,000 views and hundreds of comments from people with mixed reactions.

“Unhinged,” idiot_chickens commented on the video.

“Who hurt these people,” said themidwest11.

“Hire me … I have too many tier 5 excuses,” joked mskita42.

But most commenters seemed to sympathize with the person who wrote the post.

Brandioland commented, “It looks like the owner has heard every one of these excuses and is a little traumatized.”

“I have to hand it to the guy. He cuts to the chase,” noted Jillian Van Sice/Inventor.

“I hear this nonsense every day. Sounds unbelievable but it’s true,” admits Sacred Healing Spa.

The U.S. economy added a large number of jobs in February, but economists still want to see 100,000 jobs per month to continue growth in the working-age population.

However, this job posting is not the first indication that some people have some “unhinged” reasons for not being able to or willing to work.

A young social media influencer went viral when she claimed she was “too pretty to work”, while many others are ditching more traditional jobs to make money on OnlyFans.

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