Revolutionary delivery drone could be dropping a package at your home


Despite the growing popularity of delivery services, including the use of drones, it has been challenging for companies to keep these services profitable. This is due to the high costs associated with operating drones.

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Weighing factors include the cost of the drone itself, maintenance and pilot training. On top of that, delivery by drone is strictly regulated by aviation authorities, which can increase the cost and difficulty of operating these services.

LA, California-based company A2Z Drone Delivery is working on changing that when it comes to flying distribution services.

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A2Z Drone Delivery, a California-based company, is developing a drone that will be useful for businesses. (

Commercial delivery drones go to new heights

meet the RDSX Pelican, a delivery drone designed by A2Z Drone Delivery. Unlike other drones that use control surfaces to maintain stability, the RDSX Pelican uses a multi-rotor system to balance itself. In other words, instead of relying on traditional methods, it uses more advanced technology to remain stable while delivering. This is the first commercial drone of its kind, making it an exciting innovation in the world of drone delivery.

It also has a pre-installed winch, called the RDS2, with a mechanism to auto-release any box. This allows cargo to be released from a tethered position at altitude without the need for landing. One of the main benefits of this setup is that it protects the propeller from potential obstacles on the ground, such as trees, powerlines, or buildings. Plus, its patent-pending hook design can automatically retract after drop-off or pickup, which means a human doesn’t need to be on the receiving end of a drone delivery.

This configuration is particularly useful when the delivery location has an uncertain region. Additionally, it is also ideal for traditional delivery destinations as it eliminates rotor noise and helps with privacy by delivering payloads from a higher height.

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Side view of the drone.

RDS2 is a drone being developed for delivery services. (


  • While the Pelican can carry any container, it has a takeoff weight limit of 55 pounds to meet FAA Part 107 compliance.
  • Cruise speed of 45 knots.
  • How far it can travel is based on how much weight it’s carrying, and currently, it can carry 11 pounds over 24.8 miles.
  • It will cost about 9.5 cents per pound per mile, thanks to the elimination of some common features on drones that often require repairs between deliveries.
  • The longer distances these drones can fly will make a larger number of deliveries possible, as well as increasing profits.

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Photo of a drone carrying a box over a lake.

RDSX can fly longer distances and make more deliveries to increase profitability. (

Where drone delivery is used

Of course, drone delivery will continue to grow in popularity when it comes to residential delivery. Companies are saving costs on manpower and gas, as well as the time it takes to make deliveries through traditional commercial methods.

However, apart from domestic deliveries, the Pelican can be used for medical and emergency deliveries, shore-to-ship deliveries, aerial mapping, infrastructure inspections, and search and rescue efforts, to name a few.

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The drone is flying forward carrying a box.

Pelican drones can also be used for medical and emergency deliveries. (

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If you’re wondering how much a drone like this costs, Pelican models start at $29,000 and are available for pre-order now. Several models will be available.

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Final thoughts

Although the convenience of drones is a positive reason for their use, some of their capabilities are quite frightening. There are already flying drones that can change shape, drones that can float underwater, and ones that can see through walls to spy on you. There are also questions about the safety of air-lifted deliveries to yards and streets – what if something goes wrong?

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