RSS steps into Rahul Gandhi row, says Congress MP should speak more responsibly


Image source: TWITTER/@RSSORG RSS has condemned Congress leader Rahul Gandhi

The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) on Tuesday stepped into the ongoing controversy over Congress MP Rahul Gandhi’s remarks on democracy, saying Gandhi should speak more responsibly. Sangh General Secretary Dattatreya Hosable said that Gandhi should speak more responsibly and see the reality of the acceptance of the Sangh in the society. He was speaking at a press conference on the last day of RSS’s ‘Akhil Bharati Pratapshi Sabha’ in Samalkha, Haryana today.

His comments came in the wake of Rahul Gandhi repeatedly targeting the RSS in his speeches.

When asked about Gandhi’s recent comments against the RSS, Hosable said he was doing it for his “political agenda” but the RSS does not operate in the political arena and has no competition with the Sangh.

In response to questions on Gandhi’s comment in Britain, the RSS leader said, ‘Those who turn India into jail have no right to comment on democracy in the country.

He said, “Thousands of people, including me, were put behind bars during the Emergency. They (Congress) have not apologized for it yet. The country will ask them if they have the moral right to talk about democracy.”

He questioned that if there is no democracy in the country then how are the elections and Parliament going on in the country.

“His party also won one or two elections,” Hosable said. Speaking in the UK recently, Gandhi alleged that the structures of Indian democracy were under “brutal attack” and that the BJP and RSS had captured almost all institutions. They have often accused the Sangh of spreading hatred and creating divisions in society.

The RSS leader said the National Education Policy was formulated during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s regime after getting feedback from the grassroots, including panchayats “unlike the Congress-led UPA government when policies were formulated by the National Advisory Committee”.

“People of the country and the world are watching. They all know what the truth is. Maybe they too,” he said, adding that the Congress leader would get a befitting reply when the time came.

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