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Image source: AP (representative image) During the Ukraine-Russia war, a Russian plane allegedly collided with an American drone over the Black Sea

A Russian fighter jet collided with an American drone over the Black Sea on Tuesday, the US military claimed. He further said that due to the collision, the US forces brought down the unmanned aerial vehicle in international waters. The US military has termed the incident as an unsafe and unprofessional standoff.

Russian planes conducted an unsafe and unprofessional interception

The US European Command said in a statement that two Russian Su-27 fighter jets “unsafely and unprofessionally intercepted” a US MKU-9 drone operating within international airspace over the Black Sea. White House national security spokesman John Kirby said US President Joe Biden was briefed on the incident by national security adviser Jake Sullivan.

It said a Russian fighter jet “hit the MQ-9’s propeller, causing US forces to bring the MQ-9 down in international waters,” and also said that several times before the collision, the Su- The 27s dumped fuel on it and flew in front of the MQ-9 in “a careless, environmentally unprofessional and unprofessional manner”.

The incident has come amid rising Russia-US tensions

“This incident is unsafe and unprofessional as well as shows a lack of competence,” it added. The incident comes amid rising Russia-US tensions over Moscow’s war in Ukraine. There was no immediate reaction from Moscow, which has repeatedly raised concerns about US surveillance flights near the Crimean peninsula, which Russia illegally annexed from Ukraine in 2014.

Amid ongoing fighting in Ukraine, a Russian missile struck an apartment building in the center of Kramatorsk on Tuesday, killing at least one person and injuring nine others in a major Ukrainian city stronghold in its eastern Donetsk region. done

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