Ryan Reynolds, Amy Smart ‘Just Friends’ reunion Aviation ad


Cue All-4-One’s “I Swear.”

“Just Friends” co-stars Ryan Reynolds and Amy Smart have reunited for a new ad, titled “Just Friendsgiving.”

The mini “sequel” debuted days before the comedy’s 18-year anniversary Nov. 23. As it falls on Thanksgiving, the commercial was the perfect way to get the pair back together to promote Reynolds’ Aviation American Gin.

The ad reveals where their characters, Chris Brander and Jamie Palamino, respectively, are today.

Spoiler alert: They are still together!

“Wow!” Smart, 47, says as she walks in the room, spotting Reynolds near the Christmas tree.

Amy Smart and Ryan Reynolds
Maximum Effort
Smart and Reynolds in their new ad.
Ryan Reynolds/YouTube
Reynolds promotes his Aviation American Gin in new commercial.
Ryan Reynolds/YouTube

Reynolds, 47, replies: “Oh hey, honey, I was just looking at the tree. Nothing like the smell of real pine.”

When asked how her day was, Smart admits she’s had “better days” because the bar ran out of Aviation American Gin.

“Oh no that’s so bad!” the “Free Guy” actor says. “That’s terrible they ran out of the Aviation.”

Smart, however, halts production and breaks the fourth wall, noting that the interaction “is weird.” With some encouragement, she tries again, but later questions why she would be carrying an Aviation American Gin bottle. Furthermore, she doesn’t understand why Reynolds is being so dramatic with his lines.

The pair starred in the 2005 comedy “Just Friends” together.
Ryan Reynolds/YouTube
Smart jokingly realizes she’s in a commercial for Reynolds’ alcohol brand.
Ryan Reynolds/YouTube
Aviation Gin was founded in 2006.
Ryan Reynolds/YouTube

“So this is a stupid ad for your gin company?” she asks, finally realizing that it’s not a real “Just Friends” reunion.

“Well, let’s not rush to judgment before all the facts are in,” Reynolds chimes in. “I mean, this is a self-funded sequel predicated on a loose interpretation of IP law so in effect — yes, it is an ad for my Aviation American Gin.”

The comedy’s 18-year anniversary lands on Thanksgiving.
New Line Cinema / Courtesy: Everett Collection
The co-stars played Chris Brander and Jamie Palamino, respectively.
Alan Markfield/New Line/Kobal/Shutterstock
Last year, Smart admitted she’d love a sequel.
©New Line Cinema/Courtesy Everett Collection

“Wow?” Smart interjects. “Dirty.”

The actors starred in the Roger Kumble-directed movie alongside Anna Faris, Chris Klein, Christopher Marquette and Julie Hagerty.

When Chris — who has dropped a significant amount of weight since high school — returns to his hometown for the holidays, he runs into his ex best friend Jamie, whom he’s been in love with for years. Despite their rocky past, he eventually tries to be with her — all while trying to fight off the advances of his singer client Samantha James (Faris) and Dusty Dinkleman’s (Klein) dreadful guitar serenades for Jamie.

Last year, Smart revealed she wanted to make a sequel to “Just Friends” while speaking with the List.

Official “Just Friends” movie poster.
©New Line Cinema/Courtesy Everett Collection

“I was at a restaurant, and the guy who was our server recognized me. And he wanted to sing the ‘Jamie Smile’ song to me from ‘Just Friends,’ ” she said at the time. “I would definitely be up for a sequel.

“The beauty about film and TV is that it keeps living on, and it keeps repeating and showing itself. Even making something before someone was born, and then they see, and it’s so exciting, because they see it for the first time,” she continued. “I hope [a sequel] would happen someday.”

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